Aurean opening for Paul van Dyk at Echostage

I was going to see Paul van Dyk but I wasn’t planning on reviewing the show — I want to keep these reviews focused on local DJs. I wasn’t even going to show up until eleven or midnight. But then I heard that Aurean had snagged the opening set at 9pm so I had to be there.

Aurean is a duo: Nick and Jake. They were both part of Tortoise and the Snare so I never reviewed them to avoid any semblance of conflict of interest even though they’ve been a growing presence in DC. About time I did that, then.

I got to Echostage just as the doors were opening so I caught their whole set — only an hour, but it was great. Solid trance, which was exactly what I wanted. The early audience was a little thin of course but they were enjoying it. A random person even asked if I knew who they were because she wanted to follow up on them, so I was glad to fill her in.

Here’s the sample playlist, chock full of low-hit tracks that deserve some love:


After having my appetite for trance whetted so well, the rest of the night was unfortunately disappointing. Things turned over into what will probably be hot on the festival circuit this summer and while there’s nothing wrong with that… I felt like it was a bit of bait-and-switch. Even when Paul van Dyk finally came on, he stuck to a pretty hard-edged version of trance and didn’t play any of his classic tracks. All I got was a few heavily remixed bars of “Time of our Lives.”

So I left well reminded of why I only go to Echostage a few times a year. That, and my bar tab. Yikes.

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