#MALLORY2018: An Unofficial Guide to MAL

Artwork by Michael Moraine. Glenn O’Brien’s Schott Perfecto jacket personalized by Jean-Michel Basquiat #KnowYourHerstory

The past 2 years, I’ve done these huge, lengthy write-ups here on DC House Grooves previewing cool alternative events happening during Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) weekend and other suggestions for how to navigate DC’s signature leather and fetish event. But, thankfully, I think the time for hand holding is over. DC and so many other cities across North America are featuring thriving queer underground communities now, and the growth of good shit to do during MAL is a reflection of that. #MALLORY2018 is the best schedule of underground events to date for MAL, and I’m pretty sure everyone gets what we’re doing and why by now.

So it’s really quite simple this year. These are the main moves to achieve maximum MAL impact (but I’ll list even more good shit to do down below):

There’s really no right or wrong way to do MAL. This weekend is really all about letting your inner kink demon out. So these listings and the following advice are just my 2 cents:

  • Buy advanced tickets and thank the party planners. Tickets are selling out and will be more expensive at the door, so plan ahead and save coins. And also please be polite to the party planners about guest lists and information seeking. These events are expensive AF with the talent we’re bringing in and are a lot of hard work to produce. We’re investing in you to make this community better, but we’re also understanding of procrastination and differing income levels. Offer to pay reduced price or whatever you’re comfortable with. Look at event pages for the information you’re seeking before texting the DJ and be patient with response times.
  • Don’t get stuck in the hotel for too long. Have all the fun at the hotel and exhibition hall and be safe in whatever way that means to you. But definitely get out and enjoy DC too. I’m obviously focusing on nightlife in this post but the museums, restaurants, and sights-to-see here are all top notch.
  • Pace yourself and be safe. Even with having Monday off for the MLK holiday, this weekend is still very draining. Sleep when you can. Eat well. Drink water. Look out for one another. Take uber/lyft/via with friends.
  • Avoid circuit music. Music is obviously subjective, but seriously.. circuit music is really, really bad, you guys. I could get into the toxic, masc, homogeneous culture of it all or the bad drugs in the circuit scene, but, at the end of the day, MAL has something for everyone, and we’re just offering something different with #MALLORY2018. Do what you want. There’s plenty of fun to be had by all in whatever scene floats your boat.
  • Grab a drink at TRADE. Having Trade as a quality, everyday gay bar the past 2 years has been so crucial to the growth of our community. The drag queens and DJs there have complete freedom to be themselves, and it is so refreshing. Their lineup this weekend is super good: (Alex DB on Friday, Mark O’Brien (our buddy from Polyglamorous in SF!!) on Saturday, and Church on Sunday with Outputmessage, Wess the DJ, Rev. Jesse Jackson and drag performances by Jaxknife, Jane Saw and Pussy Noir!
  • Check out The DC Eagle. People complain about how far it is, but DC is a pretty small city, and the Eagle is definitely worth a visit. The place is huge! 3 floors with something for everybody. They’ve also provided a crucial 24-hour space for many different music scenes, including good house and techno parties we frequent like Sequence.

I already listed the main moves for the weekend but here are my full listings of good queer parties to check out this weekend:


Sleaze (Keenan Orr, DJ Lemz) w/ The Carry Nation (NYC) at Wonderland Ballroom

Petworth Social Club – January Happy Hour (MAL Kickoff Edition) w/ Outputmessage at Homestead

Schadenfreude Neubauten w/ DJ Spookster at Safari DC


Honcho MAL: Mike Servito & Justin Cudmore

DJ Alex DB at Trade

Furball DC MAL Weekend


TNX Leather Weekend: Horse Meat Disco

Mark O’Brien (Polyglamorous, SF) at Trade


Last Chance Tea Dance feat. Sfire + StrikeStone: MAL Sunday

Church presents Holy Glory!

Oh.. and there are also rumors of a word-of-mouth, no social-media-posting after party Sunday night featuring DJ Still Standing (any of the many queer DJs both locally and in town who are still on their feet). Inquire within.

And Happy #MALLORY2018!

Pride Underground 2017

I honestly didn’t know if I was going to do Pride Underground this year. Not because of a lack of quality DIY, music-forward, independent-of-Capital Pride events this year (actuality, this is, by far, the largest collection of pride events I have ever found that fit that bill). I was mostly hesitant because a) it is a very large undertaking, and b) this is a confusing time to be gay in America, with lots of heated and needed discussions about what is and what should be the point of Pride in the Trump era. I thought maybe this was a year to just take a seat, and focus more on listening to the people who have largely felt silenced during Pride celebrations, rather than try to insert into the narrative my take on what a good party agenda is for the weekend.

Concerns about the commercialization of Pride and the lack of representation of POC, women and the trans community are certainly not new, but they’ve been more formally organized this year under a coalition of queer organizations and individuals called No Justice No Pride. Their efforts have solicited a wide-range of responses from Capital Pride and the community at large. Some see it as a much-needed activist element that has been missing from Pride for too long. Some choose to ignore. Others are dismissive of a “pesky bunch” they like to label as “the intolerant left.” To be honest, some of the in-fighting on both sides is getting a bit out of control, and I think most people in the gay community feel somewhere in the middle. I’m hearing a lot of calls for “can’t we all just get along?” However, while that sentiment might be cute, it only stifles the meaningful and needed dialogue we need to have in order move our community forward. You don’t have to support of all of NJNP’s viewpoints or agree with their tactics, but now is now the time to be dismissive of people who for too long have not had a seat at the table.

These are trying times, and dance culture has an important role to play in organizing and providing relief for those who are resisting and fighting back. DC’s dance community is strong, and LGBTQ+ people are vital to its current health- providing quality, welcoming events all over the DMV. It was these people who reached out to me asking if Pride Underground was happening again this year who ultimately convinced me that these listings need to happen, now more than ever.

So with that, I present to you the Pride Underground 2017 listings. As I mentioned before, there are so many good events this year, and I wish I could have provided detailed write-ups for all of them. So I kindly ask that you click on all the links provided and learn about these events and add the people throwing them to your radar, even if they don’t ultimately make your dance card during this very busy Pride weekend. I’ve also included information for marches, panel discussions, and activist demonstrations under an “Act Up” column, so make sure you do more than just drink and dance this weekend! And if there’s anything I missed (and I’m sure I did), please reach out to me. I am happy to add them (you can reach me here)! Category is queer, non-official, and welcoming to all.

And if you dig what this is all about, please share on social media and use #PrideUnderground, if you’re so inclined. Happy pride!

Wednesday – June 7th

Market Crash – Come Bash Crash Pride Edition

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/131161074106189/136978853524411
DJ: The Barber Streisand
Drag Queens: Donna Slash, Salvadora Dali, Cis Jenner
Location: The Big Board
Time: 9PM-1:30AM
411: Market Crash is celebrating 3 years of throwing Wednesday night, bi-monthly gay parties on H Street, with a rotating cast of DJs and drag queens. The burgers at Big Board are really good too, FYI!

The IVy Project presents – A Pride Rooftop Party at Flash

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/396525610733929
DJs: Eletrox , DJ Salamander Silk and Milko
Location: Flash Rooftop
Time: 10PM-2:30AM

Thursday – June 8th

Sleaze: Pride Edition – Taste Our Rainbow

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1929883547232631
DJs: Tommy Cornelis, The Barber Streisand, Lemz, Keenan Orr
Drag Queen: Moon Baby (Pittsburgh)
Location: Wonderland Ballroom
Time: 9PM-1:30AM
411: Lemz is back in DC and already busy, and he’s teamed up with Keenan for a new monthly at Wonderland. I’m on the bill along w/ Barber Streisand (Bryan Smith), and performing is Moon Baby- a seriously fierce queen from PGH, who is a favorite of the Honcho crew. Make sure you don’t miss her performances throughout the night.

Schadenfreude Neubauten // Ripping Headaches

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/309540479489471
DJs: Ripping Headaches (Special Guest) + Wolfblister & Dianamatic (Schadenfreude Neubauten)
Location: Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar
Time: 9PM-2AM
411: Schadenfreude Neubauten takes place on 2nd Thursday’s at Dr Clocks- a place I like to call the DJ incubator space. It’s always free and weird: minimal synth // post-punk // wave // ebm // industrial // and whatever else.

Regrets Only: S&M Pride Kickoff

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/178927462637633
DJs: DJ Lisa Frank & Sarah Myers
Location: Ten Tigers
Time: 10PM-2AM
411: Ten Tigers has been a much welcome addition for DC’s dance community- providing an intimate, uptown space with great sound, good food, and a nice slate of parties eager to take advantage. Regrets Only (Nitti, Morgan, Taiga and guests) got in early, pushing a weekly Thursday shame fest! For pride, Morgan and Sarah Myers take over and are encouraging fetish gear.

La Fiesta: “La Resistencia”

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/648926531977085/
DJ: El Especialista (El Zol)
Location: Town
Time: 9PM-2AM

More Dancing:
NightFlight PreFlight at Preview at Flash
NightFlight 0608 Residents Night at St. Ex

Act Up:
Women & Queer Folk in Leather: A Panel Discussion at The DC Center

Friday – June 9th

Booty Rex Pride Party

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/286947428398903/
DJ: DJ Alex DB (BODYWORK D.C.), DJ Kristy la Rat (Anthology of Booty, Maracuyeah), MOTHERSHIESTER (Anthology of Booty), Natty Boom (Anthology of Booty), DJ INDANILE (Anthology of Booty), DJ bent (Anthology of Booty), JUNEBULLET (She Rex), DJ C.RUSH (She Rex), DJ COACH (She Rex)
Location: Black Cat
Time: 9PM-3AM
411: I’m not even sure how many years this has been going on, but it’s safe to say this party has achieved legendary pride status for DC! 2 floors of fun at Black Cat featuring the full cast of DJs from the Anthology of Booty and She Rex crews.

Otter Crossing PRIDE feat. Bright Light Bright Light (DJ Set)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/432578393766591/
DJs: Bright Light Bright Light, Shea Van Horn, Strike Stone
Location: Green Lantern
Time: 9PM-close
411: The indie-synth pop singer Bright Light Bright Light, who has toured with the likes of Scissor Sisters and Elton John, is back again for Otter Crossing’s pride party! This year, Shea Van Horn and OX resident Strike Stone join the lineup!

More Dancing:
Friday: Furball DC Pride! at DC Eagle
Petworth FUNK with DJ Freez and Adrian Collazo at Looking Glass Lounge
The Coven & MimSol Entertainment present Pride at U Street Music Hall
SEQUENCE.749_SHXCXCHCXSH at Warehouse Location TBA

Act Up:
No Justice No Pride – Night March at Logan Circle

Saturday – June 10th

TNX Pride w/ DJ Minx, Jacq Jill & The NeedlExchange

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1866973313564291
DJs: DJ Minx (Women on Wax, Detroit), The NeedlExchange (Bil Todd, Baronhawk, DJ Lisa Frank, Tommy Cornelis) and Jacq Jill (JUICE, DC)
Location: Warehouse Location in NE DC, TBA
Time: 9PM-6AM
411: TNX, hot off officially adding Morgan as a full-time member, are back at it for their fourth pride party- this time moving into the ROAM warehouse location for their first all-night affair for pride! Joining them is DJ Minx, the legendary Detroit recently named one of the five best performers at Movement by Resident Adviser, for her DC debut plus local favorite Jacq Jill. I’m obviously super biased, but this is THE party of the weekend. Pro-tip: do not get wasted at the parade or other day-drinking festivities! Save your energy for this. And if you’re worried about this affecting your marching ability on Sunday, we promise Minx is gonna leave you more uplifted coming out of it than you came in!

Flash Presents 2nd Annual Pride in our HIPS Party

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/610155315853497
DJs: Devon Trotter, The Barber Streisand, Dean Sullivan
Location: Flash Rooftop
Time: 6PM-10PM
411: I’m so glad Flash is bringing back this fundraiser for one of my favorite organizations: HIPS. This is gonna be the perfect post-parade, pre-turnup event on Saturday! Here’s their mission statement: HIPS promotes the health, rights, and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use due to choice, coercion, or circumstance. HIPS provides compassionate harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement that is respectful, non-judgmental, and affirms and honors individual power and agency.

More Dancing:
Pride 2017: Boys Noize w/ Outputmessage, Keenan Orr, Lemz at U Street Music Hall
Meso Creso 1,001 Beats Presents: SHINE at Zeba Bar
Mixtape Pride Party with DJs Shea Van Horn and Matt Bailer at 9:30 Club
PRIDE at the Byrd at Songbyrd
CHRISTEENE, Nastie Band (feat. Roddy Bottum of Faith No More and Imperial Teen), DJ Donna Slash at Black Cat

Act Up:
Join GAG (Gays Against Guns) in DC Pride Parade
No Justice No Pride – DC Day Of Action at McPherson Square
QT Night of Healing and Resistance at The Festival Center

Sunday – June 11th


DJs: DJ Precolumbian (Philly) and DJ Olive T (NY)
Location: The Airedale
Time: 7PM-11PM
411: The correctly spelled Bodywork DJs, Alex DB and Abby, are throwing a special Sunday evening Bodywork just for pride and have booked a really dope headliner to boot in DJ Precolumbian (check out this great mix and Q&A she did w/ DISCWOMAN). Those still standing from a long weekend of dancing and marching are in for a treat!

More Dancing:
Deep Tech XI: Cindel (6.11) at Old Engine 12
ROAR: Rooftop Beer Bust (w/ DJ Mike Babbitt) at Uproar
Flesh World (Mem Limp Wrist), Kombat, Koev Halev, Broken Grids at Slash Run

Act Up:
The Equality March for Unity and Pride

Trade has been such a welcome addition gay bar to DC. It wasn’t that long ago that underground queer artists couldn’t get booked at most gay bars, but Trade has totally changed the landscape. Check ’em out all weekend!

 Also check out the Pride Underground listings from 2016 and 2015– it’s fun to see the evolution!

#MALGroupPlay 2017: Buckle Up!

DC House Grooves’ queer correspondent Tommy Cornelis here, checking in for another assignment as Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend descends about DC! If you missed my write up last year about this event organized by the Centaurs Motorcycle Club, definitely re-visit it and also check out LeatherWeekend.com. It includes all you need to know about the host hotel, a full schedule including expo hours and when the Puppy Pen is happening, the history of Centaurs MC, and all the great official events going on this weekend.

For DC House Grooves, I’ll be talking about the unofficial, underground events that have sprung up in support of this amazing weekend! And to thank you for reading this long-winded preview, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Horse Meat Disco on Saturday! Just fill out the form here.

For MAL 2017, we’ve definitely compiled our most ambitious schedule yet, with the TNX/DJ Lisa Frank, Honcho & Otter Den crews working together for what we’ve dubbed #MALGroupPlay: 4-nights of madness with amazing queer talent from London, Detroit, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and, of course, a heavy dose of DC!

Without further ado I’ll get to this full listings:


Fam Night w/ Jeffrey Sfire, Poppy Burns & Kunj [MAL Group Play]

DJs: Jeffrey Sfire (CockTail d’Amore & Ghostly, Detroit) & Poppy Burns (Tommy Cornelis)
Performance: Kunj
Location: Trade
Time: 9PM-Close
Cost: Free
411: Trade opened up on 14th street a little over a year ago, and it has been such a welcome addition for the gay community. We finally have a gay bar that allows DC’s queer DJs and drag queens to push the envelope in music selection and performances. For the past year, the extended TNX dance music fiends have been meeting up there on Thursdays for what we’ve dubbed “Fam Night”, and from there we stroll off to find the best dance floor, whether it be at St. Ex, Ten Tigers, Velvet Lounge, UHall or Flash. It’s really brought our community together and lights up any dance floor we end up at. We decided to kick off MAL weekend by bringing all of this energy right to Trade, and we’ve booked Jeffrey Sfire from Detroit… the brains behind this dance floor classic:

I’ll be on opening duties DJing under my drag persona Poppy Burns starting at 9PM, then we’ll have a special performance by visual artist Kunj at 11PM and then Sfire will bang it out the rest of the night!

I also wanna give a huge shout out to TRADE for letting us use their bar as our home base for the weekend. The lineup for the entire weekend is stacked and don’t forget about their XL Happy Hour Deals (XL mixed drinks and $4 beer/wine til 10PM).

DC Leather Pride- Welcome to DC

DJ: Keenan Orr
Location: DC Eagle
Time: 9PM-3AM
Cost: Suggested $5 Donation
411: A year ago I wrote that the DC Eagle was finally open for business after a lengthy and difficult move to Benning Road, and I hoped MAL weekend would help get DC’s only leather bar back on their feet. Wow- what a difference a year makes! The Exile dance floor space, the basement, and the patio bar are now regularly pumping out great dance events, and not just for the queer or leather community. Crews of all persuasions have made this a staple of DC’s now thriving after-hours scene. Definitely make sure you get out to The DC Eagle at least once this MAL Weekend. There are free shuttles from the host hotels, tons of parties going on, and this great little opening party with one of my favorite DJs in the world: Keenan Orr!

Also Worth Checking Out:
NightFlight 0112 w/ Neutral
Schadenfreude Neubauten


Location: Trade
Time: 6PM-10PM
Cost: Free
411: These two remain some of my favorite guests we’ve ever had at the old-format TNX at Velvet, and I’m so excited they’ll be kicking off Night 2 of #MALGroupPlay. The exhibitor hall is open at the host hotel at 4PM, and this will be the perfect spot to head to afterward and/or the designated meet-up happy hour before Furball with Vicki Powell and Honcho at U Street Music Hall! Dean Sullivan will be continuing on at Trade afterwards for the rest of the night, if you’re not quite ready to head to UHall yet.
DJs: Vicki Powell (Atlanta) & Honcho (Aaron Clark, Clark Price & George D’Adhemar, Pittsburgh)
Time: 10PM-3AM
Cost: $12 Advanced, $15 at the door
411: 3 years ago, I met and saw Aaron Clark DJ for the first time at the Luther party for MAL, 2 years ago Honcho and TNX hosted our MAL party together, last year we each hosted our own parties to make for a bigger weekend of events, and this year TNX is moving to a warehouse space and Honcho is taking over U Street Music Hall. The exponential growth of quality, underground events for MAL astounds me, and the fact that they’re bringing in Vicki Powell from Atlanta is just icing on the cake!

Also Worth Checking Out:
Perversion Therapy by Eames Armstrong & John Moletress – Opening
Bear Happy Hour at Rock & Roll Hotel: Jan 13 Leather Weekend
(Vjuan Allure is DJing this!)

Saturday – January 14th

MAL Group Play Happy Hour w/ Outputmessage
DJ: Outputmessage
Location: Trade
Time: 7-10PM
411: Night 3 of #MALGroupPlay continues with Outputmessage hosting happy hour duties at Trade. Rest up during the day, then get your squad together here and carpool over to Horse Meat Disco! Barber Streisand is DJing the rest of the night at Trade here, and HMD will be going til 6AM so take your time getting over to 300 Morse (but not too much!).

Horse Meat Disco: MAL Saturday

Horse Meat Disco (London), The NeedlExchange & DJ Lisa Frank
Location: TBA
Time: 10PM-6AM
Cost: $15 Advance, $20 at door before 3AM, $25 after
411: When something is so right and just makes perfect sense, why not do it again? Horse Meat Disco and MAL go together perfectly, so DJ Lisa Frank & TNX are bringing them back again this year, but this time at 300 Morse for extra hours of fun. Remember that MAL is a marathon not a race, so make sure you pace yourself just right for the prime-time event. If you’ve never caught an HMD set, get ready to dance and smile for hours!

DJs: Mark Louque (FAGBASH, Provincetown/NOLA) & Strike Stone
Location: Town
Time: 5PM-10:30PM
Cost: $8
411: A new addition to last year’s schedule of events, this Sunday tea dance hosted by Otter Crossing ended up being the surprise breakout hit of the weekend! This year Strike Stone is on the lineup and they’re bringing in Mark Louque, founder of PTown’s legendary FAG BASH party. Last year Town ended up giving over the reigns for the night to a bunch of DJs still standing from the weekend afterwards, and there is a rumor that may happen again 😉. Plus Town is conveniently located by the official closing party at 9:30 Club with Ultra Nate!
Location: 9:30 Club
Time: 10PM
Cost: $35 Advanced, $45 at the door
411: Flagging + Ultra Naté, what more do you need?! She’s pricey, but the official closing party beautifully shows the history of dance culture for the leather community.
It’s very easy for MAL newbies to spend all of their time in the host hotel and at circuit parties, so my biggest advice is to get out and enjoy our beautiful city and the diverse and music-forward dance culture we have. As you can see, there’s not a lack of options!

Pride Underground 2016


Tommy Cornelis, DC House Grooves’ queer correspondent here, signing in for another edition of the Pride Underground!

Last year at this time, I challenged the larger dance music community and the queer underground to come together and find common ground on the dance floor. Whether you were listening to me or not, that result has certainly happened! ROAM and TNX teamed up to a throw day rager at a gay bathhouse. The DC Eagle just hosted Sticky Fingers Collective for an all night throw down. Mixed crowds share poppers at every DJ night and the many after-hours and day time warehouse spaces that have emerged in the past year. Even national headlines are being made like NPR’s “Reclaiming The Queer Dance Floor” and Resident Advisor’s “America’s Gay Techno Underground.” It’s clear our communities have never been closer, and it’s certainly a result of so many different crews bringing in quality programming seemingly every single weekend to both DC and Baltimore. So this year- no call to arms. Let’s just keep it up and make sure all are welcome at our events!

This year’s listings are certainly the biggest we’ve had, a testament to the many crews stepping up their games for Pride this year. We’re seeing awesome bookings like Gay Marvine, Vjuan Allure, Honey Dijon, K-Hand, and Lisa Moody to name a few. So without further ado, here are the listings for the Pride Underground 2016:


BJK: The Officially Unofficial Pride Humpday Disco
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1082212858518521/
DJ: Jacq Jill
Location: Colony Club
411: Over the winter, DJ Jacq Jill hosted cozy DJ nights on Tuesdays called Hot Toddy at Petworth’s Colony Club. For Pride, Jacq Jill (real name Lauren Wright) will be ditching the hot drinks, invoking Billy Jean King, and heading outside on Colony Club’s lovely back patio. If you’ve never been, Colony Club is primarily a day-time coffee shop, but has a really great beer list, hosts cute and chill queer parties at night, and even has a ping pong table upstairs. Jacq Jill owns deep house and regularly works alongside the Blisspop and Philco party crews!

Market Crash – Special DC Pride Edition & 2 year Anniversary
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/258677261157282
Location: The Big Board
DJs: Kevo and Dezo
Drag Performance: Emma Vixen
411: For the past 2 years, Andrew Dimpfl (the man behind that insanely awesome artwork for the ROAM x TNX party) and Michael Richardson have been hosting Wednesday Hump Day gay parties with DJs and drag performances at The Big Board on H Street NE. Market Crash has been diversifying its sound as of late, booking underground DJs such as George D’adhemar (Honcho, PGH), Dean Sullivan (DILF, BHH @ RNR) and myself to name a few. The drag performances are always on point here too. Plus being one of the only gay parties on the east side of town, and certainly the only weekday gay party in NE, you get to see some different trade here. I hear the burgers are top notch too!

Kink 101
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1130609583665997/
Location: TrickBox
DJ: none!
411: While this is not a music event, I had to include this because it celebrates the underground kink & fetish communities. Located at the leather and gear shop TrickBox, DC Leather Pride is hosting lessons and demonstrations on kink subjects from 8-10PM.


My 2 Dads.. and Mother Too!
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/586881354826022/
Location: Trade
DJs: DJ Lisa Frank, Bil Todd & Poppy Burns (Tommy Cornelis)
411: One of the best pick-ups for the queer community in 2016, in my opinion, has been the addition of Trade on 14th street. It’s really served as a much-needed, everyday gay bar, with quality DJ bookings on the weekends from underground stalwarts such as TNX, Dean Sullivan, DJ Lemz, Wess the DJ, Keenan Orr & more. DJ Lisa Frank and Bil Todd experimented with their My 2 Dads night a couple months ago- playing everything from house, techno, disco to freestyle. It’s back again for a special pride edition, with the addition of me DJing through my drag alter-ego Poppy Burns!

Schadenfreude Neubauten
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/281205252227356/
Location: Dr Clock’s Nowhere Bar
DJs: Wolfblister & Dianamatic
411: I’m really happy to see that Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar is back after a short hiccup as DC’s de-facto incubator space for weirdo, experimental parties and that Schadenfreude Neubauten is back as well- where DJs Wolfblister (Kwasi) and Dianamatic play an eclectic mix of coldwave, post punk, minimal synth, goth and near goth stuff.

La Fiesta: 10th DC Latino Pride
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1171378232892440/
Location: Town Danceboutique


BHH: Rock & Roll Hotel – PRIDE 2016 – feat Juana
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1001321969983341/
Location: Rock N Roll Hotel
DJs: Juana (One Love Massive), Tommy Cornelis B2B Dean Sullivan
411: Last summer, Rock N Roll added DJs on their rooftop every Friday and Saturday, leaving the Bear Nonsense Happy Hour, which happens every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, in need of a good music marriage to their already thriving event. I decided to step in with my disco Disco Sunset concept, bringing in queer DJs and some fresh meat to DC’s alternative bear happy hour event and playing daytime-vibe disco, funk, boogie and house. This summer, Dean Sullivan has been added as a resident and the marriage has evolved even more. The mix of alterna-bears, RnR regs, the TNX party crew and a diverse cast of queer DJs, always makes for a raucous start to the weekend. For Pride, Dean and I are starting with a B2B set before letting Juana from One Love Massive take over the decks. Expect Paradise Garage-era classics and maybe even a little techno later on.

Booty Rex Pride Party

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1722169854674388/
Location: The Black Cat
DJs: NATTY BOOM (Anthology of Booty), DJ rAt (Anthology of Booty), MOTHERSHEISTER (Anthology of Booty), DJ INDANILE (Anthology of Booty), JUNEBULLET (She Rex), DJ C.RUSH (She Rex), ALEX DB (Bodywork)
411: I think it’s safe to say that this is officially a pride staple event every year now, where the Anthology of Booty DJ collective and the (now sadly defunct) party crew She.Rex join forces to take over both floors of The Cat on Pride Friday. It’s a guaranteed good time, shit show, where the ladies come out in full force (but people of all genders are certainly welcome). I’m especially excited to see Natty Boom and Alex DB back in town from NOLA for this one!

Sonic Cinema presents DC is Burning!
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/235755996794955/
Location: Bossa Bistro + Lounge
DJs: Vjuan Allure & Chris Burns
411: I have to say- this is one of the best bookings of Pride 2016! On Friday- legendary ballroom scene DJ Vjuan Allure plus DC’s Chris Burns will be DJing to the back drop of Paris is Burning playing on a big screen. Seriously- what more do you want for Pride? Marcus Webb is the brainchild behind Sonic Cinema- a monthly event pairing DJs with film.

Otter Crossing PRIDE 16 // with Bright Light Bright Light (DJ Set) & CTRL
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/643556575794410/
Location: Green Lantern
DJs: Bright Light Bright Light & CTRL
411: Fuzzy pride hits peak celebration at the consistently fun party Otter Crossing this Friday. Back again from last year to do a DJ set, is indie-pop favorite Bright Light Bright Light, joined by the boys of CTRL, a monthly indie-dance party at Town.


Cap Pride & BYT Present: HEX – The Abracadabulous Opening Party!
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/791177344315817/
Location: Dock 5 & Union Market
411: I normally don’t give write-ups for the official events, but I gotta give it up for BYT. They consistently go big for Pride, but this year they really stepped up their booking game by bringing in DJ Lisa Moody from Baltimore’s legendary Deep Sugar and Girl Squad crew. Kudos, BYT! Add in awesome live act Mundy and fierce drag queens Chi Chi DeVayne and Thorgy Thor- this should be their best pride party yet.


Flash & CPA present HIPS fundraiser w/ Dean Sullivan, Keenan Orr
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/595183360638925/
Ticket: https://hips.nationbuilder.com/pride
Location: Flash
DJs: Dean Sullivan & Keenan Orr
411: Flash is hosting an awesome fundraising event Saturday during from 6-9:30 to support HIPS– a really important community organization here in the district. About HIPS: “HIPS promotes the health, rights, and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use due to choice, coercion, or circumstance. HIPS provides compassionate harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement that is respectful, non-judgmental, and affirms and honors individual power and agency. We believe that those engaged in sex work, sex trade, and drug use should be able to live healthy, self-determined, and self-sufficient lives free from stigma, violence, criminalization or oppression. We will achieve this through engaging sex workers, drug users and our communities in challenging structural barriers to health, safety, and prosperity.”
Plus with DJs Dean Sullivan and Keenan Orr, this is going to be the perfect post-parade, pre-night time turn up event!

PRIDE ’16: GAY MARVINE, DJ Lisa Frank & The NeedlExchange
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/101655660251587/
Location: U Street Music Hall
DJs: Gay Marvine (Bath House Etiquette), DJ Lisa Frank, The NeedlExchange (Bil Todd, Baronhawk & Tommy Cornelis)
411: U Street Music Hall, TNX & Lisa Frank are teaming up again for their 3rd consecutive Pride party. In the past, we’ve brought you Honey Dijon, Honey Soundsystem, Nancy Whang, and Kim Ann Foxman, and they’re not disappointing this year either. Gay Marvine, real name Chuck Hampton, earned his chops DJing in Detroit in the 90s alongside greats such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, DWynn, Stacey Pullen, and many noted others. He absolutely tore up Movement this year, playing at the Opportunity Detroit Stage at the festival, the queer underground after party Club Toilet, and the Bunker after-party at Tangent too. His sets are based in Detroit house and techno classics, working in his own amazing disco edits along the way. He’s making his DC debut this year alongside the uhall pride crew for what is undoubtedly the top pick for pride weekend. You can even win free tickets through Tortoise and The Snare!

And check out Gay Marvine’s preview mix on the TNX SoundCloud Page!

3-Year Anniversary: Motel Flash with Honey Dijon, K-Hand, Sean Morris; TrioTech
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/574408469406900/
Location: Flash
DJs: Honey Dijon, K-Hand, Sean Morris
Flash is hosting a whole slate of quality events for its 3-year Anniversary this week, under the moniker “Motel Flash”, and my favorite among them is their Saturday pride event anchored by Chicago native & NYC resident Honey Dijon and Detroit’s K-Hand. These ladies are gonna turn you out with quality house, disco, techno and more. I gotta say- it’s pretty awesome having a trans woman headline one of the biggest bookings of Pride weekend 2016! If you’ve never seen Honey Dijon, add this to your party stops Saturday night. And check out this interview Blisspop did with K-Hand to learn more.

Bare – Pride Month
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/519331751579050/
Location: Cobalt
DJs: DJ Rosie and Keenan
411: The Ladies of LURe are bringing in two of DC’s hardest working DJs in the game for their Pride event this year- DJ Rosie and Keenan Orr at Cobalt.

Saturday! Furball DC: Pride! W. Jeremy + Tedd Patterson
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/293737760960043/
Location: Black Cat
DJs: W. Jeremy + Tedd Patterson
411: NYC-based men’s party Furball made its DC debut back during MAL alongside Pittsburgh’s Honcho DJs at The Black Cat, and Furball is returning again for Pride, this time bringing in NYC DJs W. Jeremy + Tedd Patterson. W. Jeremy is the co-owner of Get Up Recordings, which boasts Honey Dijon, Kim Ann Foxman, Discodromo and Vin Sol on its roster. I’m slightly worried the music may skew a bit tribal/circuity to the crowd, but these DJs certainly have the chops to bang it out.

Pride Parade presented by Marriott Rewards®™©
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1164572310228004/
I love our pride parade. We’re one of the only cities to do a Saturday parade instead of a Sunday one. Pro-tip- don’t get too drunk though. Far too many rookies blow their wad during the day and don’t make it out to the many, quality events happening Saturday night. Pride is a marathon, not a race! Here’s the route: http://www.capitalpride.org/celebration-2016/parade-map/.

FUSE: Capital Pride Women’s Main Event
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/464948523629888/
Location: Howard Theatre
DJs: Jacq Jill, DJ Jai Syncere, DJ Tezrah

Mixtape Pride Party
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1319453714735911/
Location: 9:30 Club
DJs: Shea Van Horn & Matt Bailer


We Can Make It Work 001
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1886121518281438/
Location: Warehouse Location TBA
DJs: Juan Zapata, Zem Su Yung, Edo, Grody, Philco, Yomimbi
411: This is not a queer event, per say, but in the past year, the connection between the queer underground and the larger head community has never been stronger, and it’s been most evident at the many after-hours and day time warehouse parties popping up all over the city, where mixed crowds have allowed these events to thrive. These DJ vets all have large queer followings too, including Zem Su Yung who was one of TNX’s first guests when we made the move to Zeba Bar.

Smokeshow – PRIDE Closing Party!
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1269531176409442/
Location: Old Engine 12 Firehouse
DJs: Vodkatrina and Tezrah
411: Featuring women’s party honchos Vodkatrina & Tezrah (who is insanely busy this pride season!), this closing party features free entry if you attend Saturday’s #PrettyBoiPride pre-parade party at the Bier Baron!

Pride Festival Presented by Live! Casino®™©
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/697580810345263/
Location: Pennsylvania Ave NW between 3rd and 7th Streets NW
411: Megan Trainer (I’m not even bothering to look up if I’m spelling her name correctly) headlines the concert portion of the Street Fest this year, so if you head down there, the DuPont Tent is the place to be. Here’s the lineup:

12-1 DJ Jill Jack
1-2 DJ Sean Morris
2-3 DJ Nick Ayler
3-4 DJ Sidekick
4-5 DJ Tim Jackson
5-6 DJ Keenan Orr
6-7 DJ Madscience

That’s a wrap! If I missed your event, hit me up on FB and I’ll be happy to add it- assuming you don’t play circuit music there ?