Natural Resources @ Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar

Natural Resources used to be a monthly party at Dr. Clock’s: a combination of deep, ambient, and eccentric tracks that started about a year before the current resurgence in deep house. I’ve missed Natural Resources so I wanted to highlight one.

It was a quiet night. The first weekend of the month is often a busy one, and this August started out on par with others. A small audience found its way out to Dr. Clock’s as the night went on and it made for a good hangout.

Pacific Fur Company, together again (but for how long?), were joined on the decks by Mike Harvey and kept things smooth throughout with touches of retro keyboards and a little discord. They ramped up the beats slowly over the course of their set and reached a surprisingly heavy level by the time I was leaving. Those tracks stumped Shazam, but I’ve put together a nice playlist here if you’re looking for something easy to listen to.

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