Heather Femia & Meegs, Nightflight at Cafe Saint-Ex

Nightflight has been running for a year now in the basement bar at the Cafe Saint-Ex on 14th Street. It’s a Thursday night warm-up for the weekend, not running too late for those of us who have to get to work in the morning and featuring solid house music to ease you out of your worries.

This week two local masters of house oversaw the proceedings: Heather Femia and Meegs. We got funky, we got a little disco-y, we decompressed. And then the pace picked up a bit to be sure our dancing feet were good and loosened up.

As the¬†weekends continue to crank up to summertime pace, be sure you’re prepared!

Sample playlist:

DC House Grooves Meet The Locals Podcast #6: DJ Meegs



Well we said some time ago that the next mix in the DC House Grooves Meet the Locals Podcast would be from one of the many talented female DJs in Washington DC, and we’ve been waiting patiently for one of the ladies to step up to the plate. We’re pleased to bring you this great mix from DJ Meegs, a familiar face on the DC underground scene. Over to Meegs to tell us a bit about herself and her mix:

“Growing up in a large, loud & musically inclined Irish-American family I guess you could say my interests have revolved around social gatherings fueled by music & dancing since birth. My parents enrolled me in Irish dancing when I was four & shortly thereafter we began hosting weekly Irish music lessons at our house for over a decade. My first instruments were the tin whistle & the bodhran (Irish drum) so I danced & played competitively while performing up & down the East Coast until college when, finally and gratefully, I was introduced to electronic music.

After graduation I moved to the West Coast (LA) where, alas, I heard the sweet, sweet sounds of Deep House music. I became a local fixture at Marques Wyatt’s ‘DEEP’ parties & since then my love affair with deep, soulful, melodic music with thumping bass lines has been one of the few constants in my life. Over the next 10 years I submerged myself in the scene as a dancer, promoter, percussionist, event producer & after Burning Man 2006, a DJ. After leaving LA I spent a year in New Zealand hosting a show on Radio Ponsonby before coming home to DC.

These last couple of years have brought about a lot of great change or evolution in the music industry from the type of technological gear that is available, to the fusion & birth of new genres. I try to embrace the technology which has done me well considering I was hard-pressed differentiating an RCA cable with an extension chord when I first considered becoming a DJ! And of course my “record bag” consists of more than just the deep, soulful, tribal house that initially had me smitten. However, tracks with a driving beat, walking bass-lines, melody and lyrics with emotional content that THUMP will always get heavy rotation, as you will hear in this mix.

As a recent convert to Traktor which offers a seemingly limitless amount of options for getting creative with the music, I used Traktor Pro 2 software, Kontrol Z1 w/a built-in soundcard for my mixer, Kontrol X1 for sound FX & loops, 2 standard decks & 2 remix decks. Most of the mix incorporates all 4 decks, It ain’t perfect, but it sure is fun!! Hope you enjoy!”


DJ Meegs Info:

Bio and Booking Info: onelovemassive.com/dj-meegs-epk
SoundCloud: @djmeegs
Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/djmeegs
Artist Collective: Meso Creso: www.facebook.com/mesocreso
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/djmeegs/89867552049