Meet the Locals Podcast 52 & 53: Nick Flynn & DJ Swink

There’s a double header on tap over at the DC House Grooves Meet the Locals Podcast on Soundcloud. Nick Flynn and DJ Swink organize the monthly USB party in the downstairs bar at Flash — and they’ve been filling the place. Tophatty took a minute for a mini-interview with the guys to go with their live mixes from May’s USB.

Nick Flynn

Where was your first DJ gig and how did it go?

My first gig was back in 2015 at Look Lounge and I was opening. There wasn’t maybe more than 10 people there, but it went great! Shout out to Wayne Wright for booking me for that gig, wouldn’t be where I am today without it!

What’s electronic genres do you listen to the least?

I would say big room house, trap, and dubstep are the three I listen to the least. 

What’s up next for you? 

Right now all I have scheduled is my party at Flash that I put together with Jon Swink! Underground Sounds and Beyond or USB for short. Our next party is on July 1st in the Flash Bar, hope to see some of you there!

DJ Swink

Where was your first DJ gig and how did it go?

My first gig was back in 2003 in Akron, Ohio. At that time I only had one year of experience under my belt. I was super nervous but I was able to pull off a pretty decent set. It’s hard for me to give myself kudos, even now because I always think that I can improve. I try and practice whenever I can and explore different mixing techniques. I’ll continue to practice and learn for the rest of my life or at least until I can’t hear anymore.

What’s electronic genres do you listen to the least?

The genres that are lowest on the totem poll for me are Trap, DnB, and Jungle. 

What’s up next for you? 

My upcoming gigs are June 18th at Chasing Sundays, June 21st at Flash Opening for Will Clark with Nu Androids and July 1st for the next installment of USB at Flash. I was asked to open for Joseph Capriati at Soundcheck but I was out of town…super bummed about that! Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

Pride Underground 2017

I honestly didn’t know if I was going to do Pride Underground this year. Not because of a lack of quality DIY, music-forward, independent-of-Capital Pride events this year (actuality, this is, by far, the largest collection of pride events I have ever found that fit that bill). I was mostly hesitant because a) it is a very large undertaking, and b) this is a confusing time to be gay in America, with lots of heated and needed discussions about what is and what should be the point of Pride in the Trump era. I thought maybe this was a year to just take a seat, and focus more on listening to the people who have largely felt silenced during Pride celebrations, rather than try to insert into the narrative my take on what a good party agenda is for the weekend.

Concerns about the commercialization of Pride and the lack of representation of POC, women and the trans community are certainly not new, but they’ve been more formally organized this year under a coalition of queer organizations and individuals called No Justice No Pride. Their efforts have solicited a wide-range of responses from Capital Pride and the community at large. Some see it as a much-needed activist element that has been missing from Pride for too long. Some choose to ignore. Others are dismissive of a “pesky bunch” they like to label as “the intolerant left.” To be honest, some of the in-fighting on both sides is getting a bit out of control, and I think most people in the gay community feel somewhere in the middle. I’m hearing a lot of calls for “can’t we all just get along?” However, while that sentiment might be cute, it only stifles the meaningful and needed dialogue we need to have in order move our community forward. You don’t have to support of all of NJNP’s viewpoints or agree with their tactics, but now is now the time to be dismissive of people who for too long have not had a seat at the table.

These are trying times, and dance culture has an important role to play in organizing and providing relief for those who are resisting and fighting back. DC’s dance community is strong, and LGBTQ+ people are vital to its current health- providing quality, welcoming events all over the DMV. It was these people who reached out to me asking if Pride Underground was happening again this year who ultimately convinced me that these listings need to happen, now more than ever.

So with that, I present to you the Pride Underground 2017 listings. As I mentioned before, there are so many good events this year, and I wish I could have provided detailed write-ups for all of them. So I kindly ask that you click on all the links provided and learn about these events and add the people throwing them to your radar, even if they don’t ultimately make your dance card during this very busy Pride weekend. I’ve also included information for marches, panel discussions, and activist demonstrations under an “Act Up” column, so make sure you do more than just drink and dance this weekend! And if there’s anything I missed (and I’m sure I did), please reach out to me. I am happy to add them (you can reach me here)! Category is queer, non-official, and welcoming to all.

And if you dig what this is all about, please share on social media and use #PrideUnderground, if you’re so inclined. Happy pride!

Wednesday – June 7th

Market Crash – Come Bash Crash Pride Edition

DJ: The Barber Streisand
Drag Queens: Donna Slash, Salvadora Dali, Cis Jenner
Location: The Big Board
Time: 9PM-1:30AM
411: Market Crash is celebrating 3 years of throwing Wednesday night, bi-monthly gay parties on H Street, with a rotating cast of DJs and drag queens. The burgers at Big Board are really good too, FYI!

The IVy Project presents – A Pride Rooftop Party at Flash

DJs: Eletrox , DJ Salamander Silk and Milko
Location: Flash Rooftop
Time: 10PM-2:30AM

Thursday – June 8th

Sleaze: Pride Edition – Taste Our Rainbow

DJs: Tommy Cornelis, The Barber Streisand, Lemz, Keenan Orr
Drag Queen: Moon Baby (Pittsburgh)
Location: Wonderland Ballroom
Time: 9PM-1:30AM
411: Lemz is back in DC and already busy, and he’s teamed up with Keenan for a new monthly at Wonderland. I’m on the bill along w/ Barber Streisand (Bryan Smith), and performing is Moon Baby- a seriously fierce queen from PGH, who is a favorite of the Honcho crew. Make sure you don’t miss her performances throughout the night.

Schadenfreude Neubauten // Ripping Headaches

DJs: Ripping Headaches (Special Guest) + Wolfblister & Dianamatic (Schadenfreude Neubauten)
Location: Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar
Time: 9PM-2AM
411: Schadenfreude Neubauten takes place on 2nd Thursday’s at Dr Clocks- a place I like to call the DJ incubator space. It’s always free and weird: minimal synth // post-punk // wave // ebm // industrial // and whatever else.

Regrets Only: S&M Pride Kickoff

DJs: DJ Lisa Frank & Sarah Myers
Location: Ten Tigers
Time: 10PM-2AM
411: Ten Tigers has been a much welcome addition for DC’s dance community- providing an intimate, uptown space with great sound, good food, and a nice slate of parties eager to take advantage. Regrets Only (Nitti, Morgan, Taiga and guests) got in early, pushing a weekly Thursday shame fest! For pride, Morgan and Sarah Myers take over and are encouraging fetish gear.

La Fiesta: “La Resistencia”

DJ: El Especialista (El Zol)
Location: Town
Time: 9PM-2AM

More Dancing:
NightFlight PreFlight at Preview at Flash
NightFlight 0608 Residents Night at St. Ex

Act Up:
Women & Queer Folk in Leather: A Panel Discussion at The DC Center

Friday – June 9th

Booty Rex Pride Party

DJ: DJ Alex DB (BODYWORK D.C.), DJ Kristy la Rat (Anthology of Booty, Maracuyeah), MOTHERSHIESTER (Anthology of Booty), Natty Boom (Anthology of Booty), DJ INDANILE (Anthology of Booty), DJ bent (Anthology of Booty), JUNEBULLET (She Rex), DJ C.RUSH (She Rex), DJ COACH (She Rex)
Location: Black Cat
Time: 9PM-3AM
411: I’m not even sure how many years this has been going on, but it’s safe to say this party has achieved legendary pride status for DC! 2 floors of fun at Black Cat featuring the full cast of DJs from the Anthology of Booty and She Rex crews.

Otter Crossing PRIDE feat. Bright Light Bright Light (DJ Set)

DJs: Bright Light Bright Light, Shea Van Horn, Strike Stone
Location: Green Lantern
Time: 9PM-close
411: The indie-synth pop singer Bright Light Bright Light, who has toured with the likes of Scissor Sisters and Elton John, is back again for Otter Crossing’s pride party! This year, Shea Van Horn and OX resident Strike Stone join the lineup!

More Dancing:
Friday: Furball DC Pride! at DC Eagle
Petworth FUNK with DJ Freez and Adrian Collazo at Looking Glass Lounge
The Coven & MimSol Entertainment present Pride at U Street Music Hall
SEQUENCE.749_SHXCXCHCXSH at Warehouse Location TBA

Act Up:
No Justice No Pride – Night March at Logan Circle

Saturday – June 10th

TNX Pride w/ DJ Minx, Jacq Jill & The NeedlExchange

DJs: DJ Minx (Women on Wax, Detroit), The NeedlExchange (Bil Todd, Baronhawk, DJ Lisa Frank, Tommy Cornelis) and Jacq Jill (JUICE, DC)
Location: Warehouse Location in NE DC, TBA
Time: 9PM-6AM
411: TNX, hot off officially adding Morgan as a full-time member, are back at it for their fourth pride party- this time moving into the ROAM warehouse location for their first all-night affair for pride! Joining them is DJ Minx, the legendary Detroit recently named one of the five best performers at Movement by Resident Adviser, for her DC debut plus local favorite Jacq Jill. I’m obviously super biased, but this is THE party of the weekend. Pro-tip: do not get wasted at the parade or other day-drinking festivities! Save your energy for this. And if you’re worried about this affecting your marching ability on Sunday, we promise Minx is gonna leave you more uplifted coming out of it than you came in!

Flash Presents 2nd Annual Pride in our HIPS Party

DJs: Devon Trotter, The Barber Streisand, Dean Sullivan
Location: Flash Rooftop
Time: 6PM-10PM
411: I’m so glad Flash is bringing back this fundraiser for one of my favorite organizations: HIPS. This is gonna be the perfect post-parade, pre-turnup event on Saturday! Here’s their mission statement: HIPS promotes the health, rights, and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use due to choice, coercion, or circumstance. HIPS provides compassionate harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement that is respectful, non-judgmental, and affirms and honors individual power and agency.

More Dancing:
Pride 2017: Boys Noize w/ Outputmessage, Keenan Orr, Lemz at U Street Music Hall
Meso Creso 1,001 Beats Presents: SHINE at Zeba Bar
Mixtape Pride Party with DJs Shea Van Horn and Matt Bailer at 9:30 Club
PRIDE at the Byrd at Songbyrd
CHRISTEENE, Nastie Band (feat. Roddy Bottum of Faith No More and Imperial Teen), DJ Donna Slash at Black Cat

Act Up:
Join GAG (Gays Against Guns) in DC Pride Parade
No Justice No Pride – DC Day Of Action at McPherson Square
QT Night of Healing and Resistance at The Festival Center

Sunday – June 11th


DJs: DJ Precolumbian (Philly) and DJ Olive T (NY)
Location: The Airedale
Time: 7PM-11PM
411: The correctly spelled Bodywork DJs, Alex DB and Abby, are throwing a special Sunday evening Bodywork just for pride and have booked a really dope headliner to boot in DJ Precolumbian (check out this great mix and Q&A she did w/ DISCWOMAN). Those still standing from a long weekend of dancing and marching are in for a treat!

More Dancing:
Deep Tech XI: Cindel (6.11) at Old Engine 12
ROAR: Rooftop Beer Bust (w/ DJ Mike Babbitt) at Uproar
Flesh World (Mem Limp Wrist), Kombat, Koev Halev, Broken Grids at Slash Run

Act Up:
The Equality March for Unity and Pride

Trade has been such a welcome addition gay bar to DC. It wasn’t that long ago that underground queer artists couldn’t get booked at most gay bars, but Trade has totally changed the landscape. Check ’em out all weekend!

 Also check out the Pride Underground listings from 2016 and 2015– it’s fun to see the evolution!

DC House Grooves Meet The Locals Podcast #6: DJ Meegs


Well we said some time ago that the next mix in the DC House Grooves Meet the Locals Podcast would be from one of the many talented female DJs in Washington DC, and we’ve been waiting patiently for one of the ladies to step up to the plate. We’re pleased to bring you this great mix from DJ Meegs, a familiar face on the DC underground scene. Over to Meegs to tell us a bit about herself and her mix:

“Growing up in a large, loud & musically inclined Irish-American family I guess you could say my interests have revolved around social gatherings fueled by music & dancing since birth. My parents enrolled me in Irish dancing when I was four & shortly thereafter we began hosting weekly Irish music lessons at our house for over a decade. My first instruments were the tin whistle & the bodhran (Irish drum) so I danced & played competitively while performing up & down the East Coast until college when, finally and gratefully, I was introduced to electronic music.

After graduation I moved to the West Coast (LA) where, alas, I heard the sweet, sweet sounds of Deep House music. I became a local fixture at Marques Wyatt’s ‘DEEP’ parties & since then my love affair with deep, soulful, melodic music with thumping bass lines has been one of the few constants in my life. Over the next 10 years I submerged myself in the scene as a dancer, promoter, percussionist, event producer & after Burning Man 2006, a DJ. After leaving LA I spent a year in New Zealand hosting a show on Radio Ponsonby before coming home to DC.

These last couple of years have brought about a lot of great change or evolution in the music industry from the type of technological gear that is available, to the fusion & birth of new genres. I try to embrace the technology which has done me well considering I was hard-pressed differentiating an RCA cable with an extension chord when I first considered becoming a DJ! And of course my “record bag” consists of more than just the deep, soulful, tribal house that initially had me smitten. However, tracks with a driving beat, walking bass-lines, melody and lyrics with emotional content that THUMP will always get heavy rotation, as you will hear in this mix.

As a recent convert to Traktor which offers a seemingly limitless amount of options for getting creative with the music, I used Traktor Pro 2 software, Kontrol Z1 w/a built-in soundcard for my mixer, Kontrol X1 for sound FX & loops, 2 standard decks & 2 remix decks. Most of the mix incorporates all 4 decks, It ain’t perfect, but it sure is fun!! Hope you enjoy!”


DJ Meegs Info:

Bio and Booking Info:
SoundCloud: @djmeegs
Artist Collective: Meso Creso:

DC House Grooves Meet The Locals Podcast #2: Chadwick


DJ Chadwick

DJ Chadwick

For episode #2 of the DC House Grooves Meet the Locals podcast we’ve got a great mix from Flash resident Chadwick. Here’s what Chadwick has to say about this mix: “My podcast for DC House Grooves is based on my set from the last Resident Night party at Flash. It’s a peak hour blend of techno, house and tribal rhythms layered with classic loops, effects, acapellas and personal edits. The crowd stayed late and I had a really good time playing off of their energy. The mix was created on 4 decks with 4 effects and most all of the tracks are re-touched live by enhancing the breakdowns, extending parts and blending new elements to build a mix that reflects my sets at Flash. Most importantly though, I hope it keeps your attention and throws a few surprises along the way. Enjoy!”

You can catch Chadwick next at The House That U Built on Sunday, September 28th at Dirty Bar in Washington, DC:

and on Saturday, October 4 in Brooklyn, NYC for Gratitude *NY present Axis Mundi on the Mayan Stage:

Chadwick Music and Info:


Make sure you Like DC House Grooves on Facebook to be kept in the loop on future podcasts and underground house music events in Washington DC, and if you missed it, don’t forget to check out episode #1 of the DC House Grooves Meet the Locals Podcast.