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DC House Grooves was established in 2004 as the online presence for Washington, DC based DJ Andy Grant. Over time, the site’s mission has expanded to promoting Washington, DC’s many talented underground DJs and producers through the DC House Grooves live radio shows and the 24/7 DC House Grooves radio station, and providing trusted information and opinion on what’s going on in DC’s underground electronic music scene. Primarily focused on deep, underground house music, DC House Grooves strives to provide the best mixes from DC based DJs, and the best information about what’s going on each weekend in and around the nation’s capital.

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  1. Well fella how’s it going? Just wanna know would there be anyway of postin up my link to da tracks that I made.


    Only new at producin at da mo, but would like some honest feedback if ya can (if not I understand)Anyways hope ya like and hope to hear from ya soon.


  2. I recently moved here from NJ and wanted to know of venues where I can here god house music.

  3. One of my favorite mixes was titled “Last Call”. It was posted here several years ago. I need track info for a song with the hook “once you fall, there’s a moment, where you learn to fly”. Plz help.

  4. Hey Andy…I am so glad your site is back. You are one of my top house dj’s. I’m glad I check the site resently for updates since I last tried during the quite times of the old site. Where do you spin in DC? Do you every spin in NYC or Boston?

    • Hi Ernest – thanks for the props! I was recently going through my old mixes and found a bunch that I’ve never posted before, so check back soon! I’m pretty much retired from active dj-ing these days…apart from the very occasional gig, I don’t really play out any more.



  5. Hey Andy is there anywhere I can find an archived tracklisting for all the Planetsoulnetwork mixes? I am looking for some of the songs, especially a certain one. I would put down the lyrics for the song I am wanting but it’s very long.

    Could you hit me up here so I can send the lyrics to you. synapticflow@hotmail.com



    • Hey there – I’ve got track lists for all my past Planetsoul mixes, but I don’t have them for any of the other mixes. I’ll email you directly…hopefully I can help!

  6. Dear Sir/ Madam

    Would it be possible to tell me who’s going to represent your company at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in March 2OO9?

    Kind regards

    Ashley Anderson, IRONYX Belgium

  7. Hi,

    Just wanted to tell you that i downloaded all four of the mixes and I love love love them. I found your website from the links page on klubnut.com

    Do you ever spin in NYC?

    I think I’m hopelessly in love with your mixes!

    Keep it coming

    • Hey there EPrince – glad you like the mixes! I don’t really play out these days…I guess you could say I’ve retired….although I love NYC so maybe I’ll get to spin there some day. Keep checking back at DC House Grooves…as I mentioned in my latest post, I’ve got lots of mixes in the archive that I’ll posting up soon.



  8. How do I download the mixes (am I missing something)? They’re fab, my man. Excellent work!


    • Hey Laurent….so far I’ve just been posting my own mixes, but I’d love to add mixes from other DJ’s in DC. Are you based in the DC metro area? I think I’ve seen your mixes on District Soul before…anyway, send a mix my way along with tracklist and description and I’d be happy to add it.


  9. Hi Andy … learnt to know your kind of mixing and music from deeprhythms (Moving House). Just that one blew me away 😉
    Well, downloading the mixes is a little ropy ……….

    Greetings from Germany

  10. Hey Mr.Grant ! Great to see your still making mixes 🙂 Was
    looking at my old PC’s Harddisk and found some mixes from the
    PlanetSoulNetwork.com era 😉 And found this gem “Destination
    Unknown”. Great to listen it again ! And there’s even a shout of my
    name in it. PSN was the best. Thanks ! Glenn

  11. Heya!
    Any way I can get a hold of Andy Grant’s Christmas Card Mix? I forgot to copy it over a few years ago when I got a new PC and was bummed when I couldn’t find it there or online.
    Thanks for the great mixes!

    • Hi there….damn – I’d completely forgotten about the Christmas Card mix. I sure hope I still have a copy! I’ll have a dig around on my hard disk and see if I can find it. Definitely worthy of a re-post. It is the right season after all! Hopefully at some point I’ll get my act together and do a new mix 🙂



    • Lol…it is still lurking on the web server. You can download it here:


      Here is the tracklist:


      intro: festive christmas (excerpt) – – cassette boy (barry’s bootlegs)
      you make me feel like (peace & love & happiness) (original a:xus mix) -– a:xus feat. naomi (guidance)
      you are my everything (vocal mix) -– uj project feat. lucie (duff note)
      sean (mig’s salted vocal) –- aya (naked music)
      night life (full mix) –- feet (feet productions)
      love is… (airex groove mix) -– deepswing feat. kristi lomax (generate music)
      look who’s loving me (smokin club) – – smokin beats (smokin beats)
      latin horns -– moodswings (mettle music)
      felicidad (axwell vocal mix) -– mambana (soulfuric trax)
      sushi roll (native new yorkers sushi experience) -– je’zus bak’flip (ündo)
      you are the universe (curtis & moore’s universal summer groove) -– the brand new heavies (ffrr)
      songs on the radio –- mike dixon (bumpin city)
      outro: festive christmas (excerpt) -– cassette boy (barry’s bootlegs)

  12. Link seems to be broken 🙁
    I think it’s the same one I tried from Discogs.
    If there’s any way to get it back up, well that’d be just stellar. The track list is a big help though.
    I’d love to see a new Christmas mix too!

    Thanks a bundle, I can’t get enough of your mixes!

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