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Originally from London, UK, Andy Grant is a Washington, DC based DJ and record collector with over 25 years experience behind the decks. Predominantly spinning all-vinyl sets drawing from his diverse and ever-growing collection, his varied style is inspired by over 30 years on the dance floor. During the nineties he played in various clubs and parties around London. After moving to Scotland in 1998, he spent several years playing in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, while also helping to run The Planetsoul Network, one of the first online radio stations streaming deep, soulful house 24/7. In 2004, Andy took a break from the scene for a number of years following a move to Washington, DC, coming out of retirement in 2011 to play clubs and parties in the thriving DC underground house scene. Andy is the founder of DC House Grooves, whose mission is to provide trusted information about DC’s underground electronic music community, helping to raise the profile of local DJs, producers and promoters. Along with his wife Katrina Mir and Ramirez, Andy is resident of the DC House Grooves Show on DJ Jus-Ed‘s Underground Quality Radio, based in Berlin. You can catch the DC House Grooves Show every two weeks on Saturday nights at 10pm ET on the Underground Quality Live YouTube channel.

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11 thoughts on “Andy Grant

  1. Andy, I just read through this week’s post, with your mentioning of this being your 100th post. Congrats! If I may speak for the non-facebookers… Thank you so much for aggregating all of this content into one convenient place to comb through. Really -thank you!
    I, as well as many I’m sure, appreciate your dedication to this cause, and keeping me in the loop so to speak, ha. Keep on keeping on 🙂

  2. Hey Andy, I’ve been looking for years to get connected with the DC House Music scene and I’ve been watching your work for awhile on dchousegrooves! I think I want to venture out into the House Music scene in the future, and would love to connect to you!

    Much love!!!!

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  4. Uncle Benny’s:

    I have been listening and dancing to house since I was 16 in 1993. I love and believe in this music/religion.

    Where do I go for this awesome event?

  5. Hi Andy,

    I’m currently working with a European company that is interested in hosting an event in DC. We are currently in search of venues. Any cool/unconventional venues you would suggest besides the regular ones? Do you know any warehouses or things of that nature that could be used. Would greatly appreciate your help.

  6. Hi Andy!

    Was browsing one of my old old old hard disks and found some mix MP3’s with your name. I think they are from the era.

    Some mix name samples:
    – Destination Unknown
    – Dancing in DC
    – Last call ( which I think was the goodbye mix for Planetsoulnetwork )…

    Are those your mixes? 🙂

    Kind regards,

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