Pride Underground 2016


Tommy Cornelis, DC House Grooves’ queer correspondent here, signing in for another edition of the Pride Underground!

Last year at this time, I challenged the larger dance music community and the queer underground to come together and find common ground on the dance floor. Whether you were listening to me or not, that result has certainly happened! ROAM and TNX teamed up to a throw day rager at a gay bathhouse. The DC Eagle just hosted Sticky Fingers Collective for an all night throw down. Mixed crowds share poppers at every DJ night and the many after-hours and day time warehouse spaces that have emerged in the past year. Even national headlines are being made like NPR’s “Reclaiming The Queer Dance Floor” and Resident Advisor’s “America’s Gay Techno Underground.” It’s clear our communities have never been closer, and it’s certainly a result of so many different crews bringing in quality programming seemingly every single weekend to both DC and Baltimore. So this year- no call to arms. Let’s just keep it up and make sure all are welcome at our events!

This year’s listings are certainly the biggest we’ve had, a testament to the many crews stepping up their games for Pride this year. We’re seeing awesome bookings like Gay Marvine, Vjuan Allure, Honey Dijon, K-Hand, and Lisa Moody to name a few. So without further ado, here are the listings for the Pride Underground 2016:


BJK: The Officially Unofficial Pride Humpday Disco
DJ: Jacq Jill
Location: Colony Club
411: Over the winter, DJ Jacq Jill hosted cozy DJ nights on Tuesdays called Hot Toddy at Petworth’s Colony Club. For Pride, Jacq Jill (real name Lauren Wright) will be ditching the hot drinks, invoking Billy Jean King, and heading outside on Colony Club’s lovely back patio. If you’ve never been, Colony Club is primarily a day-time coffee shop, but has a really great beer list, hosts cute and chill queer parties at night, and even has a ping pong table upstairs. Jacq Jill owns deep house and regularly works alongside the Blisspop and Philco party crews!

Market Crash – Special DC Pride Edition & 2 year Anniversary
Location: The Big Board
DJs: Kevo and Dezo
Drag Performance: Emma Vixen
411: For the past 2 years, Andrew Dimpfl (the man behind that insanely awesome artwork for the ROAM x TNX party) and Michael Richardson have been hosting Wednesday Hump Day gay parties with DJs and drag performances at The Big Board on H Street NE. Market Crash has been diversifying its sound as of late, booking underground DJs such as George D’adhemar (Honcho, PGH), Dean Sullivan (DILF, BHH @ RNR) and myself to name a few. The drag performances are always on point here too. Plus being one of the only gay parties on the east side of town, and certainly the only weekday gay party in NE, you get to see some different trade here. I hear the burgers are top notch too!

Kink 101
Location: TrickBox
DJ: none!
411: While this is not a music event, I had to include this because it celebrates the underground kink & fetish communities. Located at the leather and gear shop TrickBox, DC Leather Pride is hosting lessons and demonstrations on kink subjects from 8-10PM.


My 2 Dads.. and Mother Too!
Location: Trade
DJs: DJ Lisa Frank, Bil Todd & Poppy Burns (Tommy Cornelis)
411: One of the best pick-ups for the queer community in 2016, in my opinion, has been the addition of Trade on 14th street. It’s really served as a much-needed, everyday gay bar, with quality DJ bookings on the weekends from underground stalwarts such as TNX, Dean Sullivan, DJ Lemz, Wess the DJ, Keenan Orr & more. DJ Lisa Frank and Bil Todd experimented with their My 2 Dads night a couple months ago- playing everything from house, techno, disco to freestyle. It’s back again for a special pride edition, with the addition of me DJing through my drag alter-ego Poppy Burns!

Schadenfreude Neubauten
Location: Dr Clock’s Nowhere Bar
DJs: Wolfblister & Dianamatic
411: I’m really happy to see that Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar is back after a short hiccup as DC’s de-facto incubator space for weirdo, experimental parties and that Schadenfreude Neubauten is back as well- where DJs Wolfblister (Kwasi) and Dianamatic play an eclectic mix of coldwave, post punk, minimal synth, goth and near goth stuff.

La Fiesta: 10th DC Latino Pride
Location: Town Danceboutique


BHH: Rock & Roll Hotel – PRIDE 2016 – feat Juana
Location: Rock N Roll Hotel
DJs: Juana (One Love Massive), Tommy Cornelis B2B Dean Sullivan
411: Last summer, Rock N Roll added DJs on their rooftop every Friday and Saturday, leaving the Bear Nonsense Happy Hour, which happens every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, in need of a good music marriage to their already thriving event. I decided to step in with my disco Disco Sunset concept, bringing in queer DJs and some fresh meat to DC’s alternative bear happy hour event and playing daytime-vibe disco, funk, boogie and house. This summer, Dean Sullivan has been added as a resident and the marriage has evolved even more. The mix of alterna-bears, RnR regs, the TNX party crew and a diverse cast of queer DJs, always makes for a raucous start to the weekend. For Pride, Dean and I are starting with a B2B set before letting Juana from One Love Massive take over the decks. Expect Paradise Garage-era classics and maybe even a little techno later on.

Booty Rex Pride Party

Location: The Black Cat
DJs: NATTY BOOM (Anthology of Booty), DJ rAt (Anthology of Booty), MOTHERSHEISTER (Anthology of Booty), DJ INDANILE (Anthology of Booty), JUNEBULLET (She Rex), DJ C.RUSH (She Rex), ALEX DB (Bodywork)
411: I think it’s safe to say that this is officially a pride staple event every year now, where the Anthology of Booty DJ collective and the (now sadly defunct) party crew She.Rex join forces to take over both floors of The Cat on Pride Friday. It’s a guaranteed good time, shit show, where the ladies come out in full force (but people of all genders are certainly welcome). I’m especially excited to see Natty Boom and Alex DB back in town from NOLA for this one!

Sonic Cinema presents DC is Burning!
Location: Bossa Bistro + Lounge
DJs: Vjuan Allure & Chris Burns
411: I have to say- this is one of the best bookings of Pride 2016! On Friday- legendary ballroom scene DJ Vjuan Allure plus DC’s Chris Burns will be DJing to the back drop of Paris is Burning playing on a big screen. Seriously- what more do you want for Pride? Marcus Webb is the brainchild behind Sonic Cinema- a monthly event pairing DJs with film.

Otter Crossing PRIDE 16 // with Bright Light Bright Light (DJ Set) & CTRL
Location: Green Lantern
DJs: Bright Light Bright Light & CTRL
411: Fuzzy pride hits peak celebration at the consistently fun party Otter Crossing this Friday. Back again from last year to do a DJ set, is indie-pop favorite Bright Light Bright Light, joined by the boys of CTRL, a monthly indie-dance party at Town.


Cap Pride & BYT Present: HEX – The Abracadabulous Opening Party!
Location: Dock 5 & Union Market
411: I normally don’t give write-ups for the official events, but I gotta give it up for BYT. They consistently go big for Pride, but this year they really stepped up their booking game by bringing in DJ Lisa Moody from Baltimore’s legendary Deep Sugar and Girl Squad crew. Kudos, BYT! Add in awesome live act Mundy and fierce drag queens Chi Chi DeVayne and Thorgy Thor- this should be their best pride party yet.


Flash & CPA present HIPS fundraiser w/ Dean Sullivan, Keenan Orr
Location: Flash
DJs: Dean Sullivan & Keenan Orr
411: Flash is hosting an awesome fundraising event Saturday during from 6-9:30 to support HIPS– a really important community organization here in the district. About HIPS: “HIPS promotes the health, rights, and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use due to choice, coercion, or circumstance. HIPS provides compassionate harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement that is respectful, non-judgmental, and affirms and honors individual power and agency. We believe that those engaged in sex work, sex trade, and drug use should be able to live healthy, self-determined, and self-sufficient lives free from stigma, violence, criminalization or oppression. We will achieve this through engaging sex workers, drug users and our communities in challenging structural barriers to health, safety, and prosperity.”
Plus with DJs Dean Sullivan and Keenan Orr, this is going to be the perfect post-parade, pre-night time turn up event!

PRIDE ’16: GAY MARVINE, DJ Lisa Frank & The NeedlExchange
Location: U Street Music Hall
DJs: Gay Marvine (Bath House Etiquette), DJ Lisa Frank, The NeedlExchange (Bil Todd, Baronhawk & Tommy Cornelis)
411: U Street Music Hall, TNX & Lisa Frank are teaming up again for their 3rd consecutive Pride party. In the past, we’ve brought you Honey Dijon, Honey Soundsystem, Nancy Whang, and Kim Ann Foxman, and they’re not disappointing this year either. Gay Marvine, real name Chuck Hampton, earned his chops DJing in Detroit in the 90s alongside greats such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, DWynn, Stacey Pullen, and many noted others. He absolutely tore up Movement this year, playing at the Opportunity Detroit Stage at the festival, the queer underground after party Club Toilet, and the Bunker after-party at Tangent too. His sets are based in Detroit house and techno classics, working in his own amazing disco edits along the way. He’s making his DC debut this year alongside the uhall pride crew for what is undoubtedly the top pick for pride weekend. You can even win free tickets through Tortoise and The Snare!

And check out Gay Marvine’s preview mix on the TNX SoundCloud Page!

3-Year Anniversary: Motel Flash with Honey Dijon, K-Hand, Sean Morris; TrioTech
Location: Flash
DJs: Honey Dijon, K-Hand, Sean Morris
Flash is hosting a whole slate of quality events for its 3-year Anniversary this week, under the moniker “Motel Flash”, and my favorite among them is their Saturday pride event anchored by Chicago native & NYC resident Honey Dijon and Detroit’s K-Hand. These ladies are gonna turn you out with quality house, disco, techno and more. I gotta say- it’s pretty awesome having a trans woman headline one of the biggest bookings of Pride weekend 2016! If you’ve never seen Honey Dijon, add this to your party stops Saturday night. And check out this interview Blisspop did with K-Hand to learn more.

Bare – Pride Month
Location: Cobalt
DJs: DJ Rosie and Keenan
411: The Ladies of LURe are bringing in two of DC’s hardest working DJs in the game for their Pride event this year- DJ Rosie and Keenan Orr at Cobalt.

Saturday! Furball DC: Pride! W. Jeremy + Tedd Patterson
Location: Black Cat
DJs: W. Jeremy + Tedd Patterson
411: NYC-based men’s party Furball made its DC debut back during MAL alongside Pittsburgh’s Honcho DJs at The Black Cat, and Furball is returning again for Pride, this time bringing in NYC DJs W. Jeremy + Tedd Patterson. W. Jeremy is the co-owner of Get Up Recordings, which boasts Honey Dijon, Kim Ann Foxman, Discodromo and Vin Sol on its roster. I’m slightly worried the music may skew a bit tribal/circuity to the crowd, but these DJs certainly have the chops to bang it out.

Pride Parade presented by Marriott Rewards®™©
I love our pride parade. We’re one of the only cities to do a Saturday parade instead of a Sunday one. Pro-tip- don’t get too drunk though. Far too many rookies blow their wad during the day and don’t make it out to the many, quality events happening Saturday night. Pride is a marathon, not a race! Here’s the route:

FUSE: Capital Pride Women’s Main Event
Location: Howard Theatre
DJs: Jacq Jill, DJ Jai Syncere, DJ Tezrah

Mixtape Pride Party
Location: 9:30 Club
DJs: Shea Van Horn & Matt Bailer


We Can Make It Work 001
Location: Warehouse Location TBA
DJs: Juan Zapata, Zem Su Yung, Edo, Grody, Philco, Yomimbi
411: This is not a queer event, per say, but in the past year, the connection between the queer underground and the larger head community has never been stronger, and it’s been most evident at the many after-hours and day time warehouse parties popping up all over the city, where mixed crowds have allowed these events to thrive. These DJ vets all have large queer followings too, including Zem Su Yung who was one of TNX’s first guests when we made the move to Zeba Bar.

Smokeshow – PRIDE Closing Party!
Location: Old Engine 12 Firehouse
DJs: Vodkatrina and Tezrah
411: Featuring women’s party honchos Vodkatrina & Tezrah (who is insanely busy this pride season!), this closing party features free entry if you attend Saturday’s #PrettyBoiPride pre-parade party at the Bier Baron!

Pride Festival Presented by Live! Casino®™©
Location: Pennsylvania Ave NW between 3rd and 7th Streets NW
411: Megan Trainer (I’m not even bothering to look up if I’m spelling her name correctly) headlines the concert portion of the Street Fest this year, so if you head down there, the DuPont Tent is the place to be. Here’s the lineup:

12-1 DJ Jill Jack
1-2 DJ Sean Morris
2-3 DJ Nick Ayler
3-4 DJ Sidekick
4-5 DJ Tim Jackson
5-6 DJ Keenan Orr
6-7 DJ Madscience

That’s a wrap! If I missed your event, hit me up on FB and I’ll be happy to add it- assuming you don’t play circuit music there ?

MAL Underground 2016


This weekend, thousands of revelers from all over the globe will descend on our nation’s capital for the annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, usually just called MAL. Organized by the Centaurs Motorcycle Club and hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, MAL brings together the leather, kink, fetish and larger queer community with an exhibit hall, vendors, demonstrations, DJ parties, a Mr. Leather Contest, and, yes, lots of kinky sex up in the hotel rooms.

For many MAL participants, the excitement of everything going on in the hotel prevents many of them from venturing out into DC. But, mirroring what’s going on in gay communities across North America, the “queer underground” has been diversifying MAL’s offerings by throwing supporting or unofficial parties elsewhere, and re-shaping the sound and atmosphere in the process.

This year’s schedule is certainly the most ambitious, with acts like Horse Meat Disco coming to town from London and Pittsburgh’s Honcho party hosting its own event. Even the official closing party has booked Ultra Naté at 9:30 Club, a clear diversion from its more circuit-sounding roots.

So much like the Pride Underground listings I put together back in June (worth a re-visit, for my thoughts on gays and straights sharing underground spaces), I’ve compiled my listings for the MAL Underground below, with tips and tricks along the way to make this your best (or maybe first) MAL Weekend ever!

Thursday Picks

Shirtless Scandals @ Blackout Underwear Party at Green Lantern

Musically speaking, there isn’t much interesting going on Thursday night for MAL, but if you want to kick off the weekend right, look no further than the Green Lantern for the timeless tradition- Shirtless Men Drink Free happy hour from 10-11pm. To kick things up for MAL, they’ve invited those piggy boys from DC’s gay rugby team, The Washington Scandals, to host, and are also having an underwear party immediately following Shirtless.

Best Above Ground
Welcome to DC – MAL Weekend at The Eagle
(Sidenote: The Eagle will be hosting events all weekend long, and there is even a free shuttle for MAL weekend package ticket holders. Hopefully this will be a good weekend for DC’s only leather bar that will translate into year-round support!)

Friday Picks

MAL Exhibitor Hall at The Hyatt Regency
The Exhibitor Hall and Marketplace open on Friday at 4PM and is open til 10PM. There will be a entry fee to get in (I believe $10). Friday is a good time to go as it won’t be crazy packed yet. There will definitely be a lot of leather goods, sex toys and poppers for sale from various vendors. Demonstrations such as flogging may be on display. There will be a puppy pen.. and no I’m not talking about actual dogs. For anyone new to kink events like MAL, remember that while all the bears, otters, and pups may make it feel like a zoo, please don’t treat it like one. Keep an open mind and any snickering to yourselves. That disclaimer applies for all other events too.
(Sidenote: The Exhibitor Hall is also open on Saturday from 10:00AM-6:00PM and on Sunday from 11:00AM-5:00PM).

FURBALL DC @ MAL feat. HONCHO (PGH) at The Black Cat

If we’ve chatted in the past year or so, chances are I’ve already preached the Honcho and Hot Mass gospel to you. But for the unfamiliar, Hot Mass is an after-hours dance club below a bathhouse in downtown Pittsburgh, where Honcho holds down 1st Saturdays with an all-queer DJ lineup of incredible residents and guests from around the world. The freedom I felt when I first went to this party has kept me going back and back for more. Transporting Honcho’s special vibes is a daunting task, but they’ve had great success on the road too. TNX even teamed up with Honcho last year during MAL, and the love affair between our two cities and crews continues this weekend, as Honcho and NYC’s FURBALL take over Black Cat’s Main Room to kick the weekend into high gear. All three Honcho residents will be on hand- Aaron Clark, Clark Price & George D’adhemar.

Best Above Ground
CODE at Glorious Health Club
(Sidenote: CODE is a monthly gear party at a bathhouse, but will be operating on Friday AND Saturday night for MAL, with a free shuttle from the hotel for weekend package ticket holders).

Saturday Picks

Horse Meat Disco w/ DJ Lisa Frank & The NeedlExchange at U Street Music Hall
After two years of throwing Pride parties together, The NeedlExchange (full-disclosure- I am a member), DJ Lisa Frank, and U Street Music Hall are now teaming up for MAL and are bringing in Horse Meat Disco to boot. Horse Meat Disco is no stranger to DC’s disco aficionados or anyone who has ventured out to big gay events like Bear Week in Provincetown, yet the London outfit have inexplicably never played in DC. That ends Saturday night for what is sure to be a raucous night of twirling with Horse Meat Disco members Severino and James Hillard on hand. Advanced tickets have already sold out, but there will be a limited number of tickets at the door. Get there early if you need one though.

Sunday Picks

Last Chance Tea Dance feat. DJs Scooter McCreight (Toronto) + Kevin O’Connor (SF) at Town
Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.11.44 PM
Sunday afternoon tea dances are a gay institution that sadly seem to be disappearing. Thankfully, not only is Otter Crossing throwing a proper tea at Town Danceboutique, they’re also bringing in quality DJs from the queer underground: Scooter McCreight (Cub Camp/TRADE, Toronto) and Kevin O’Connor (Pound Puppy, San Francisco). TNX was lucky to DJ with Scooter and Kevin twice in 2015: first at Honcho’s already legendary Summer Campout and then again at Kevin’s Pound Puppy party during Folsom.
(Sidenote: Immediately following Tea at Town is WTF!? CRUISE SHIP // PU$$Y NOIR // JAXKNIFE // SALVADORA DALI at Town).

Best Above Ground
Dark & Twisted: The Official MAL Weekend Closing Dance at 9:30 Club w/ Ultra Naté
(Sidenote: Tickets are $35 advanced and $45 at the door for the closing party)

As I finish up these listings, I’m realizing most of these events seem hyper masculine. However, women are certainly involved in and are welcome at MAL events. While the presence of women is certainly more apparent at other leather events like Folsom in SF, I can assure you there will be zero tolerance for misogyny, racism, transphobia, or any other bullshit at these parties. Moreover, you do not have to be into leather to partake in the festivities. It’s a great opportunity to observe, dabble or revel in the kinkier side of life, even if it’s just for one long weekend. Have fun out there!

Author: Tommy Cornelis


Pride Underground 2015

Tommy Cornelis is a member of the DJ collective and party The NeedlExchange, and DC House Grooves has invited him to give you an unofficial and underground guide to DC Pride 2015!

prideunderground nocal

It’s easy to assume everyone in our underground community knows that we owe a great deal to our “dancestors”, particularly LGBTQIA people of color, when we step on the dance floor. But then you hear Ten Walls (aka Mario Basanov) spew some truly vile shit that would make Rick Santorum blush, and you’re left scratching your head.

And while it’s great to see gay rights progress incredible fast, it’s sad to see gay audiences completely unaware of our roots. I meet gay people all the time who have never heard the names of Larry Levan or Frankie Knuckles, but know every word to [insert name of generic, straight pop star].

Far too often lines are drawn on both sides, albeit unintentional, where gay people might be really into a DJ, but the harsh reality is that they may not attend the event because they don’t want to be the only gay person there, coupled with the concern “is this truly a safe space?”. Conversely, some straight people won’t go to a queer event out of fear of invading their space, or maybe they too feel like the “odd one(s) out”.

As we embark on our annual DC Pride celebration, active discussions on diversity in dance culture and the commercialization of Pride are taking place. While these (and many other) conversations are crucial to our identities, and should be evolving beyond the scope of one week in June, I say we stop taking sides and strive to create inviting spaces that would make our dance forefathers and mothers proud. We are a resilient, diverse community, bound by our love for the dance floor and expression of self.

If you want to take me up on that challenge, here are some pride events from DC’s emerging, queer underground for you to sweat to this week!

Wednesday Picks

Market Crash – Pride 2015 Special Edition at The Big Board
Market Crash - Pride 2015 Special Edition at The Big Board
It’s really cool seeing gays throwing weekday parties AND branching out of NW, and Market Crash just celebrated one year of doing just that with their monthly party on H Street at The Big Board. For Pride they’re bringing in guest DJ Tommy Cornelis and drag queen Heidi Glüm. Heidi hosts a drag night at Black Cat called Gay Bash, where you’re more likely to see a Marilyn Manson performance than Britney Spears.

Black Coffee with Vanniety Kills, meegs at U Street Music Hall
Black Coffee with Vanniety Kills and meegs at U Street Music HallWhile not technically a gay or pride event, everyone’s favorite person who just happens to be a lesbian, DJ Vanniety Kills, is making an unfortunately rare DJ appearance with meegs in support of Black Coffee. Annie has been supporting a loved one in a fight against cancer, and this weekend “The DC Three” (ESL, Uhall, and Flash) are hosting 3 Love Triangle events to raise funds: including secretsundaze DC with Giles Smith, James Priestley, Brian Monaco; Body Werk at Flash on Friday, PARADISE MIRAGE – PRIDE 2015 feat. Kim Ann Foxman on Saturday, and Sam Burns and friends on Sunday at ESL.


Best Above Ground:
SCANDAL DC presents Capital Pride Jello Wrestling at Penn Social w/ Scandal DC
DC Bike Party’s 2nd Annual Pride Ride at Dupont Circle w/ DJ Shea Van Horn

Thursday Picks

Schadenfreude Neubauten w/ DJ Laura Palmer at Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar
DJs Wolfblister (Kwasi) and Dianamatic were DJing a party called Kitty Twister together at Dodge City when they started Schadenfreudu Neubauten as an outlet to play coldwave, post punk, minimal synth, goth and near goth stuff. And they do this all at Dr. Clock’s, which has served as an incubator of sorts for off-the-wall ideas. Find out who killed guest DJ Laura Palmer this Thursday.

Shirtless at Green Lantern
No one goes here for the music, but “Shirtless” at “The Latrine” is a proud DC tradition. The deal is you drink for free from 10-11PM if you take your shirt off. It creates a dance floor full of shirtless, sweaty dudes, which sometimes hits the spot.. especially during Pride. Shirtless is also a stop on the Leather Barcrawl, which has a free bus to the not-so-convenient new location of the DC Eagle, so it’s a good opportunity to drink cheap, check out the Eagle, and get your leather on!

Pornstache at Satellite Room
Satellite Room is hosting several pride-related events this year, including this party from the team behind Market Crash.DJ Kevo and DJ Melo will be playing electro music all night, and there will be performances by drag queens Heidi Glüm and Salvadora Dali.

Best Above Ground:
9th Annual DC Latino Pride: La Fiesta Dance Party at Town

Friday Picks

Booty Rex at Black Cat
Top pick for Friday night is definitely the now annual and quite legendary Booty Rex party, combining the Anthology of Booty collective and the (now defunct) She.Rex party. There aren’t a ton of lesbian parties in DC, but when there are- people show up in full force ready to get down. There’s something to be said about this model in a city where we so often have to pick and choose from several great events each night. Booty Rex takes over both floors of The Cat w/ DJs Natty Boom, Alex DB, DJ RAt, and Junebullet, to name a few.

Otter Crossing feat. CTRL at Green Lantern
Otter Crossing is one of the few gay parties in DC that has achieved a cult-like following that doesn’t compromise on music selection. For Pride, Otter Crossing is hosting the boys of CTRL, who promise to transport us to a 70s bathhouse and play some disco!

Bear Happy Hour at Rock ‘n Roll Hotel
Bear Nonsense Bear Happy Hour - PRIDE June 12 feat. Alex DB, Jim Gade, Tommy Cornelis at Rock & Roll HotelBears in DC have always strived to be a fun, welcoming community, but the music has sometimes been an afterthought. Luckily this summer, Tommy Cornelis has teamed up with the Bear Nonsense Happy Hour at RnR to curate a rotating cast of DJs that has or will include Bil Todd, Keenan Orr, Ed the Metaphysical, Baronhawk, Dean Sullivan, Natty Boom, and George D’adhemar. It’s breathed some new life into the expansive, political, and often competing bear happy hour scene, and has united the younger, bear-ish queers with a great DC tradition. For the Pride edition, Alex DB and Jim Gade will be on the decks with support from Tommy Cornelis!

LoveCamp: Pride Edition ft Metaphysical & Dean Sullivan at Embassy Row Hotel
LoveCamp: Pride Edition ft Metaphysical & Dean Sullivan at The Embassy Row Hotel
One Love Massive is also hosting a rooftop happy hour, so you got options on getting your night started. This one features a reunion of the party Church with DJs Ed the Metaphysical (ESL) and Dean Sullivan (Gay Bash, BearZerk, DILF).

Best Above Ground:
BYT & Cap Pride Present: Flashback Opening Party at The Arena Stage

Saturday Picks

Paradise Mirage feat. Kim Ann Foxman at U Street Music Hall
Paradise mirageI’m obviously biased but top pick for the entire weekend is Paradise Mirage, where U Street Music Hall and TNX (Bil Todd, Baronhawk & Tommy Cornelis) aim to resurrect Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage through Keith Haring-inspired artwork, Paradise Garage-inspired visuals, and music from the Butch Queen DJs, TNX, DJ Lisa Frank, and Kim Ann Foxman. The theme for Pride this year is Flashback, so it’s great to see a party connecting with the origins of the queer and modern dance floor, and that uhall is again supporting this vision with an amazing booking. Kim rose to notoriety through Hercules and Love Affair, but has been holding it down as a DJ and producer and at the helm of Firehouse Recordings. This event is also part of The DC Three present: LOVE TRIANGLE Fundraiser and a portion of proceeds will go towards helping one of our own to say #FCancer!

Here are some preview mixes from Lisa Frank and TNX to put you in the spirit.


Babe Rainbow at Black Cat
For the 2nd year, the Black Cat is giving over both floors to local DJs who represent a diverse collection of underground nights in DC. Keenan Orr, Dean Sullivan, Alex DB, Abichula, Tom from Prague, Bryan Smith, and Candice Jones will give you a great mix of sounds, and a portion of proceeds go towards The DC Center. Definitely include this as a stop while you’re party hopping and expect amazing artwork from the hands of Linas Garsys. Black Cat is at the forefront of supporting queer weirdos and their out-of-the-mainstream parties, something, sadly, not many gay bars in this city are willing to do. They’re really stepping up by giving over both floors to pride events on Friday and Saturday.

Here’s a preview mix from Dean


Supergay Saturday! at Embassy Row Hotel
Supergay Saturday! with Outputmessage, Tommy Cornelis & Illexxandra at Embassy Row HotelIf you’re looking for a destination before, after or even during the parade, One Love Massive is hosting a pool party at the Embassy Row Hotel with DJs Outputmessage, Tommy Cornelis & Illexxandra from 12-7pm. If you haven’t yet, check out Outputmessage’s entirely original and seriously good productions. Bernard is a great DJ too, so expect perfect poolside vibes from these 3 in a beautiful setting that’s waving distance from the parade. It’s supposed to be a hot one on Saturday, so a no cover event with free access to a pool is greatly appreciated.

Best Above Ground:
Pride Parade Presented by Marriott®™ ®
FUSE | Official Capital Pride Women’s Party w/ DJ Jacq Jill and DJ Rosie
MIXTAPE Pride Party w/ Shea Van Horn and Matt Bailer
CRUISING: Leather and Kink Pride Event at Satellite Room
#UndergroundThrowdown at Dance Loft

(Saturday into) Sunday Picks

Pride Afterhours: Honey Soundsystem at Flash

Pride Afterhours: Honey Soundsystem at Flash
A proper, queer afterhours party in DC is finally happening.. and it features San Francisco’s Honey Soundsystem no less! Following Flash’s party with Vicenzo, Honey is sending over Jackie House and Jason Kendig, and they’re letting you scramble on that windowless dance floor from 4am til noon. Honey Soundsystem absolutely destroyed TNX’s pride party at uhall last year alongside Honey Dijon and Nancy Whang, so it’s going to be really nice to see them play an extended set for pride this year. We’re really hoping DC can hang with them for this one. Pro-tip: tickets from Vicenzo are honored for this event, and stamps from Paradise Mirage and Babe Rainbow earn you a $5 discount.

Double Feature at Satellite Room
Satellite Room has been showing two movies on Sundays, and for Pride they are showing Hairspray and Paris is Burning!

Best Above Ground:
Pride Festival presented by Live! Casino®™ ®
Pride Concert presented by Hot 99.5®™ w/ En Vogue and Amber
Fanny Pack- Ladies Tea/Pride Closing Party w/ DJ Deedub, DC Kings and DJ LiLo
Cobalt Presents: DC Pride Official Closing Party – Power of Pride w/ DJ MadScience and DJ Power Infiniti