Chub Rub at Flash

For summer’s official end, Flash laid out a buffet of hot local DJs and a dozen flavors of music. It was a good mix of a couple new names and those I hadn’t seen spin in a while, so my Saturday night was an easy choice. The entire night was excellent, but I’d like to point out the new crew in town.

Resident Nights: Philip Goyette, markinthedark & DJ Meegs at Flash, with Uchi & Edo in the Green Room and Zacheser, Racarbed & Dripping Wet in the Flash Bar

In the bar, zacheser‘s Chub Rub crew made their debut. Last summer, zacheser was a regular on the rooftop patio of the Rock & Roll Hotel. Hadn’t seen him since then, though. In contrast to those summer-disco sets, Chub Rub laid down a much more energetic Baltimore house groove. Dripping Wet got the dance floor jumping right from the get-go with tracks like “Gully” by Spank Rock.

Racecarbed was slated to play also — a name I’ve seen around for years. I was upstairs and missed a good chunk of the night, but when I came back down hours later the bar was still jumping and heading into after-hours. That speaks for itself, I think.

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