DC House Grooves Review: Midnight Project with Steven Tang, Andy Grant, Dansman and R&B

Author: James Constant

Damn, Midnight Project was popping! The DJs and the crowd kept things bumping well into the soft daylight of Sunday morning in Washington, DC. Excellent vibes from everyone in attendance.

midnight project

The evening started off with some excellent deep tunes from Flash resident Dansman, who expertly warmed up the dance floor.



Then, things really got kicking when DC House Grooves’ own Andy Grant stepped up to the decks around 1 a.m. and brought in a deep, melodic, but minimal all vinyl set that complimented the vibe perfectly. When Andy dropped a remix of Westbam and Nena’s “Oldschool Baby,” things really caught on fire. It was a big hit in the crowd, and an impromptu singalong circle started up. “We are the old school, that’s the new” – what a satisfying vocal hook.


Andy Grant

Fortunately, Andy recorded the set, which can listen to right here:


When headliner Steven Tang of Chicago’s Emphasis Recordings came on at 3 a.m., we were treated to some driving tribal beats that kept the crowd shuffling. Coming out of Shawn Q’s dope soundsystem, those hard snares hit my chest like BB pellets – totally infectious. You could feel the crowd getting progressively more and more obliterated by those drums. Yeah, loads of heads were definitely out of it on something or another, but just standing next to those speaker stacks was enough to throw you into orbit. For a while there, the crowd was finding Steven a bit more difficult to dance to than the opening sets, but an hour or so into his performance people really loosened up to the drums and ultra-low bass frequencies he was pushing.

Steven Tang

Steven Tang

The place was still pretty packed when I headed off at 7 after catching Benoit of R&B’s excellent minimal and percussion-focused closing set. Walking out in the sunshine and unseasonably warm weather was pure bliss, even if my ears were absolutely destroyed.

Hats off to Midnight Project and Nomad for pulling together another party at the same great location. There were plenty of soft pillows upstairs on the balcony for those chilled-out folks along with a great view of the dancefloor. You’ve got to love the backdrop for the DJ booth, too – somehow,  pots, pans, and spices ended up looking dope and mood-appropriate when bathed in orange light. So cheers for another great night from Midnight Project, one of DC’s most consistently strong parties. The next Midnight Project is on March 19, and features the return of Fred P, with support from Sarah Myers, Philco and, of course, residents R&B. Grab yourself an early bird tickets and save some $$$!

Midnight Project Fred P

More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/412986365538572/
Advanced tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?809659

Same location, same great vibe. Don’t forget to check the DC House Grooves Weekend Round Up each week for details about future Midnight Project parties, plus the full scoop on all the best underground house and electronic music events in DC and Baltimore.

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