DC House Grooves Social Distancing Stream

Well this sucks. No clubs, no dancing, no DJing, no fun 🙁 To stop ourselves from going completely mad, we’re gonna be playing records from time to time and streaming it to the Interwebs. Bookmark this page, and check back everyday… we’ll likely be going live around 7pm.

Join us in the virtual video party on Zoom

Watch live video from dchousegrooves on www.twitch.tv

2 thoughts on “DC House Grooves Social Distancing Stream

  1. Hey Katrina and Andy,
    My Name is Dave Upton and have been a huge fan forever! I love your guys music and hope you all are staying well through all this madness! Through dc house grooves it has shown me how to be a better person meet cooler people and really expand my musical knowledge farther than its ever gone! Dc house grooves you guys really know what’s up and I just want to let you all know how much you are really appreciated! When I heard you all weren’t posting anymore I was bumbed! Even if I couldn’t come to the shoes I always listen to your guys music it’s always super uplifting for me! We all love you guys thanks for all of the love through out all of these awesome years! Keep Djing you guys fucking rock!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Dave. We really appreciate you! We’re continuing to broadcast regular DC House Grooves shows through the lockdown, so check back regularly for details.

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