Dubfire at Flash

DC House Grooves is all about local DJs, but if Dubfire is still from DC then he’s still technically a local. One who just happens to tour and headline at places like Movement 2016 where I last saw him spin.

Dubfire (Open to Close) at Flash with Felipe Valenzuela & Throe in the Green Room and Charles Martin & Jandro in the Flash Bar

In Flash’s downstairs bar, Jandro and Charles Martin served as openers since Dubfire’s “open-to-close” set was a good hour and a half late in starting. That wasn’t a first for all-night headliners at Flash.

90 minutes of excellent vinyl and digital grooving was no problem though. I’ve said it before and it still holds: the downstairs bar parties are where it’s at on Fridays and Saturdays. Everyone waiting for the upstairs to open seemed to agree with me.

I braved the main floor once Dubfire’s set began. Of course it was crowded. Of course the audience had other things on its mind than music. But for me… I got sucked into the beat within seconds and next thing I knew I’d been dancing for a solid half hour.

(I’m sorry to say that I spend more time hanging out and drinking than dancing, these days. I need to fix that.)

Downstairs, I could catch my breath and relax. Each trip back up pulled me in just as quick. When Dubfire’s set took a more abstract turn, the crowd was quick to bore and filter out to the rooftop, where Throe was surely keeping things rolling. That was fine.

It was such a good night that I wasn’t ready to leave at last call. Or when the upstairs closed again. Jandro and Charles kept going anyhow. Another great night at Flash for the locals!

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