Goodbye 2014 from DC House Grooves

We’ve had a great year here at DC House Grooves during 2014. We started the weekly DC House Grooves Weekend Round Up, we started our regular night Body Werk, and we did our bit to help promote this great underground house music scene that we have here in DC. Looking back through all the posts from 2014, we realized that we had pretty much all the event flyers for every event that mattered in DC from when we started the Weekend Round Up back in July to the end of the year, so we figured we should do something with them. We wanted to create something that represented Washington DC, leveraging all the event flyers we had collected. So here it is: based on a design created by Graham Jackson, here is the DC flag as you’ve never seen it before, generated entirely from flyer images for events in DC from July to December 2014. Click on the image to see the full size version, then zoom in to see the details.

Big thanks to all the promoters and DJs in DC for all your efforts throwing amazing events, and thanks to all the designers for the amazing creativity you channel into all the flyer images.

Happy New Year from DC House Grooves, and here’s looking to an amazing 2015 in Washington, DC!

DC Flyers 2014Author: Andy Grant

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