New Mix from Andy Grant: DC House Grooves Sessions: Live from the Rave Basement 9/29/2013

DC House Grooves Sessions: Live from the Rave Basement 9/29/2013Here’s the recording of last night’s DC House Grooves sessions mixed by Andy Grant live from the Rave Basement in Washington DC, up on SoundCloud for streaming or download. This one takes you on an all-vinyl journey through beatless, breaks, disco edits, dub techno, acid house, wild pitch, proper 90’s deep house, then wraps things up with a medley of hypnotic grooves from Circulation pitched down to a sensible level.

DC House Grooves Sessions: Live from the Rave basement 9/29, served fresh from the vinyl by Andy Grant

Download DC House Grooves Sessions: live from the Rave Basement 9/29

Track Listing:

Rising Sun – Nostalgia (Convextion Remix)(Kristofferson Kristofferson)
Dorisburg – Mima (Aniara Recordings)
Chris J – Ritmo (Svek)
P’Taah – The Oldest Story (Swag’s New Story Mix)(Ubiquity)
Dorisburg – Sinai Hypnosis (Aniara Recordings)
Ino – 981 North (Motor City Soul Remix)(House Café Music)
+ Acapella: Mozie B Project feat. LaTasha Spencer – Free (Free-apella)(Freeze Dance)
OFFMSG – Theme (Millionhands)
Kings of Tomorrow – The Session (Sanjay Organized Noise)(Groove On)
Genius of Time – Science Fiction (Aniara Recordings)
Unknown Artist – DMTC (Silver Ash)
First Choice – Love Thang (Genius of Time Rework)(Verktyg)
Genius of Time – Same Old Place (Aniara Recordings)
Session Victim – The Haunted House (Delusions of Grandeur)
Brasstronaut – Opportunity (OFFMSG Revision)(Millionhands)
Steve “Silk” Hurley – Jack Your Body (303 Mix) (White)
Challenge – Wind Up (Intergroove)
Politix of Dancing – Swirls (EFX Wild Pitch Mix)(Strictly Rhythm)
Ralphi Rosario – Eh-Ah Song (DJ World)
Bizarre Inc. feat. Angie Brown – Took My Love (MK H. Remix) (Vinyl Solution)
Ralphi Rosario – Flaco Ritmo (Original Long Version)(Atmo)
Bass Hitt feat. Dreamgirl Veee – The Beat That Makes You Move (The Rhythm Hype Mix (Strictly Rhythm)
Robert Owens – Gotta Work (Uncut Mix)(Freetown Inc)
Latour – Blue (Underground Icepick Mix)(XX Records)
Three Generations feat. Chevell – Get It Off (Underground Mix)(Atlantic Records)
Midi Rain – Shine (Pierre’s Chicago House Mix)(Vinyl Solution)
Space 2000 – Release Me (Wild Pitch Original Mix)(Wired Recordings)
Circulation – Yellow (Circulation)
Circulation – Green (Circulation)
Circulation – Beige (Circulation)
Unknown Artist – Deep Beats (Deep Beats)

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