DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC January 24 to January 27

Just about recovered from last weekend, and it’s time to do it all again! Another big weekend ahead, and DC House Grooves has everything you need to know to plan your dance floor itinerary, Thursday through Sunday. There’s some good shit going down this weekend, so pay attention! Now you may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t been playing out much lately. It has been great to step back from things for a bit, take some time out from DJing, spend some quality time digging through my record collection and actually listening to music, but now I’m ready to get out and spin some discs again. I’m pleased to announce I’ll be opening up the main room at Flash this coming Saturday, warming up the floor for one of my all time house music heroes Chez Damier as part of an epic multi dance floor line up that includes Better Listen Sessions with Martín Miguel & Heights in the Green Room and USB‘s second anniversary with Wade Hammes, Elliott Sloan, Nick Flynn and J Swink in the bar. Seriously quality on all three floors! If you haven’t heard Chez Damier spin before, I strongly encourage you to make your way to Flash on Saturday. He brings a dance floor magic that’s rarely experienced these days, a performance filled with pure joy and true emotion. Trust me on this one, there will be tears of joy on the dance floor this Saturday night! Advance tickets are highly recommended, available on Resident Advisor. Huge thanks to the team at Flash for inviting me to be part of this amazing line up!

Advance tickets for Chez Damier with Andy Grant at Flash
RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/235703650673851/

Chez Damier with andy grant at flash

Looking ahead to next weekend, and DC House Grooves returns to the main room at Flash, with Katrina Mir making her main room debut supporting the amazing Dana Ruh for what promises to be a very special night of music from two super talented underground DJs. Dana Ruh has been on our radar since her debut album on Jus-Ed‘s Underground Quality label, so it is only fitting that Underground Quality Radio resident Katrina Mir warms up the Funktion Ones for her next week. First release tickets are still only $8!

Advance tickets for Dana Ruh withKatrina Mir at Flash
RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1946807465628628/

Before I get into the highlights for this weekend, a little bit of music for you. Here’s the playback of last Saturday’s DC House Grooves Show on Underground Quality Radio with me, Ramirez and Katrina Mir. Seriously good underground tunes, with just a lil bit of emergency loop mode 😉 Seriously, though, watch Ramirez handle that shit like a boss.

OK, hightlights for this weekend. Thursday night, Playlist with Jubilee & Ramirez at Eighteenth Street Lounge is always the right choice for quality underground house music. For techno, head to Flash for Focus with Lucy and support from Technofist‘s Damon Bradley. Quality line up right there!

lucy damon bradley

Lots of quality local events happening on Friday, highlights being Club Cuttlefish at Ten Tigers Parlour with Hank Jackson, DJ Freez and Sleepy G and Souled Out! at Zeba Bar with the Jones Boys. Allways a solid crowd at Souled Out!.

club cuttlefish at ten tigers

Saturday night, you’ll be at Flash to catch me and Chez Damier, right? Well, if you feel like something a bit more intimate, I highly recommend Roots & Spirits at Jimmy  Valentine’s  Lonely Hearts Club with DC House Grooves Show resident Ramirez alongside Solomon Sanchez and Jandro working the Martin Audio sound system on our favorite off-the-beaten-path dive bar.

Roots and Spirits with Ramirez, Solomon Sanchez and Jandro

Sunday, I recommend heading to El Techo to celebrate Jandro‘s birthday at Jandro  &  Friends, featuring the man himself alongside Cousin Luke, KaylaSoul, Mike Harvey, Steve Kirn and Markinthedark. Fun times at El Techo! Then, when you’re ready, head up to Eighteenth Street Lounge for Sam Burns‘ weekly residency and Sundays Rooftop with Benoit aka Uncle Benny at the controls open to close. The perfect way to wrap your weekend on the dance floor!

jandro and friends at el techo

OK, here’s my full list of DC House Grooves Top Picks for the long weekend. Check out the event flyers below, and click on each section heading to see the list of event pages over on Facebook. Hope to see you on the dance floor this coming Saturday, and make sure you come back next week for everything you need to know to plan your weekend on the dance floor in Washington DC.

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday January 24

Playlist Jubilee & Ramirez
Thursday at Eighteenth Street Lounge
Focus with Lucy and Damon Bradley at Flash

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday January 25

Club Cuttlefish Hank Jackson
&Me with Solomon Sanchez at Flash
Souled Out with The Jones Boys
Breaking Boundaries at Jimmys
House of Boom at Backbar
Silicon Based Lifeform at Studio Ga Ga
Brothers Brau at El Techo
Primetime with Trev-ski and Nitekrawler

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday January 26

Chez Damier with Andy Grant at Flash
 Roots and Spirits at Jimmys
The Dance at Zeba Bar
Nuff Respect Trevi-ski Grand Duchess
Dastan and Friends at El Techo

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday January 27

ESL Sunday Sundays Rooftop
Jandro and Friends at El Techo

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC MLK Holiday Weekend January 17 to January 20

Ready for the long weekend ahead? I hope you’re ready for a weekend on the dance floor, as DC’s got another super hot line up of quality underground events to keep you dancing right through to Monday. If you’re in town for Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, be sure to check out MALLORY2019, an exclusive guide to the best unofficial, underground events over MAL Weekend from our queer correspondent, The NeedleXchange‘s Tommy Cornelis. Tommy has done an incredible job of pulling together everything you need to know to find the best underground events over the weekend, so if you’re in town for MAL, make sure you check out MALLORY2019!



You’ll find many of the MALLORY2019 events in my DC House Grooves Top Picks  below. I’ve included flyers for all the best underground events, Thursday through Sunday, and if you click the section headings, you’ll head over to Facebook for a full list of Facebook event pages for each day. On Thursday, I recommend heading to Headroom  Listening  Sessions at Flash early to hear the latest from DC’s finest local producers, then later on head to Eighteenth Street Lounge for Playlist with Jubilee & Ramirez or Sleaze XXXL featuring Mark O’Brien at The Dew Drop Inn.

Lots to choose from Friday night, but we’ll be heading to Wild Days at Eaton to catch one of our Beats Maneuver headliners from last summer Rissa Garcia making her return to the capital. Rissa always delivers!

Also worth a look on Friday are Anywho at Ten Tigers Parlour with the Max D, Sami, Geo Rip and former Beats Maneuver guest Sleepy G. Quality music all night long, and no cover.

Saturday night, Katrina Mir, Ramirez and myself will be kicking off the evening with another edition of the DC House Grooves Show on Berlin’s Underground Quality Radio from 10pm ET. Tune in at www.undergroundquality.com on on the Underground Quality Live YouTube channel.

DC House Grooves Show on Underground Quality Radio

Out on the town, TNX with Octo Octa B2B Eris Drew is the move for Saturday. Make sure you pick up advance tickets, as that one’s probably going to sell out!

TNX Octo Octa Eris Drew

Other solid choices for Saturday at Onur  Özer at Flash, DJ Spen at Eighteenth Street Lounge, of if you’re in Baltimore or feel like a short road trip, the Deep Sugar crew are at it again at Club 1722.

Sunday, catch Sam Burns at his weekly residency at Eighteenth Street Lounge, or maybe head next door to the Public Bar rooftop for the last ever party there before it closes. We had some good times on that rooftop with our Beats Maneuver parties last summer. Sad to hear it is closing down. Another great choice for Sunday is The Cluck Off at Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club with Carlos Souffrant, Juana and Jacq Jill. Always a good time at Jimmy’s!

OK, here’s my full list of DC House Grooves Top Picks for the long weekend. Check out the full list, and don’t forget to check out MALLORY2019! See you on the dance floor.

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday January 17

Headroom Listening Sessions
ESL Thursday Playlist Jubilee & Ramirez
Sleaze XXXL
Otter Happy Hour & Fam Night
Preview Happy Hour

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday January 18

Rissa Garcia Wild Days
Honcho Josey Rebelle
Anywho Geo Rip Sleepy G
WTF?! with Kochi
MLK Weekend Kick Off
Adrian Loving and Friends
4 hours of funk james brown and prince

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday January 19

tnx octo octa eris drew
Octo Octa b2B Eris Drew

DC House Grooves Show on Underground Quality Radio
DJ Spen at ESL
Deep Sugar MLK Weekend
Heavy Rotation
Yola at Allegory

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday January 20

The Cluck Off Carlos Souffront
ESL Sunday Sam Burns
Decibel Collective & Friends
MAL Weekend Closing Dance
The Speakeasy Disco
Wunderdisco Life on Planets



Since 2016, a rag-tag collection of party people have banded together to showcase unofficial and atypical events that happen during DC’s Leather Weekend through a handy guide and schedule known as MALLORY. Now in her 4th installment, #MALLORY2019 features its largest, most diverse, and most ambitious offerings yet.

There’s no right way or wrong way to do MALlory, but my advice is always the same: venture out from the official hotel/circuit offerings, buy advanced tickets for the events with big names coming to town, treat TRADE like your go-to neighborhood bar all weekend long, and be kind to others and yourself. It’s a long and draining weekend.

So without further ado, here’s a non-exhaustive rundown of events that hopefully puts a spotlight on DC’s impressive queer community and what they’re up to this weekend. Hit me up if you notice any oversights.


MALx Güashington at TRADE
We’re awfully lucky to have Leeon (Video Club, Bogota) back again in DC to kick off MALLORY weekend, all thanks to Alex DB (Millenial Pink) and their Leather Güikend Latinx party at TRADE, featuring performances by Ace Cultura, Div0id and Santx Domingx starting at 9:30pm.

Market Crash at The Big Board
Since it is Awards Season, let me allow myself to both nominate and announce that the winner of DC’s Best New DJ is Diyanna Monet! Make sure you catch one of her sets this MALLORY, beginning with Market Crash, a rare weekday, non-NW party that happens at The Big Board on H Street NE. Market Crash also features drag performances, and for MALLORY they’ve got Cobalt’s DC Drag Wars Season 3 winner, Vagenesis and Christi Ana Tea (Tea Party).


SLEAZE XXXL ft. Mark O’Brien (Polyglamorous, SF) at The Dew Drop Inn
In order to maximize the appropriate impact for MALLORY’s Thursday night, Sleaze (Keenan Orr, Lemz, and host Jane Saw) are upsizing to The Dew Drop Inn, and they’re bringing in Mark O’Brien (of legendary SF party Polyglamorous fame) for his DC debut, Donna Slash is performing live, and they’ve surrendered the 2nd floor to Alex DB and GET FACE!

Otter Happy Hour w/ Dean Sullivan & FAM NIGHT w/ Tommy Cornelis @ TRADE
Since TRADE now schedules a DJ every Thursday night AND Otter Den Happy Hour has also moved there in observance of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season, we get a double feature at TRADE on Thursdays! Once a month I host FAM NIGHT there, which just happens to fall here for MALLORY. (HH starts at 5PM, Dean Sullivan at 7PM, and Yours Truly at 11PM).

Petworth Social Club w/ Jacq Jill
Petworth Social Club is there for ya every Thursday from 7-10pm, providing one of Uptown’s only queer hops. Outputmessage, Jacq Jill, and Alex DB rotate music duties at this chill, food-forward, neighborhood happy hour event.

Schadenfreude Neubauten at Studio Ga Ga
DC’s signature night for “minimal synth // post-punk // wave // ebm // industrial // and whatever else”, Schadenfreude Neubauten is hosted monthly by DJs Wolfblister and Dianamatic at Studio Ga Ga, often featuring angsty guests.


Honcho w/ Josey Rebelle @ U Street Music Hall
Co-conspirators in MALLORY’s upbringing, Honcho escapes Pittsburgh and returns to U Street Music Hall to showcase the DC debut of Josey Rebelle (London) this year. Josey’s set at Sustain Release was a thing of legends. DO NOT MISS THIS. I heard there’s already a low-ticket warning for this.

RPDR All-Stars Watch Party w/ westhedj, then Trevor Sigler & Diyanna Monet at TRADE
As previously mentioned, human-caused activities have placed RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars on Friday nights this year. It’s a long season, but wessthedj and the GAY/BASH roster host the shit out of it week after week starting at 8pm.

At 11pm, the TV screen will lower to welcome the DC debut of Trevor Sigler (Mixed Forms/Romper Room, SF) alongside DC’s Diyanna Monet for the honest-to-gahd cutest pairing of the weekend.

Rough House w/ DJ Lemz & The Barber Streisand @ Green Lantern
DJ Lemz & The Barber Streisand are roughin’ it up at The Green Lantern Friday night.


Women’s March 2019 @ Freedom Plaza
DC’s dance community banded together for the Women’s March directly after the mind-boggling election of Donald Fucking Trump in 2016. In a legendary moment, DC’s favorite DJ Juana threw down a ridiculous closing set at the Sequence after-party with Discwoman, which saw her added to the DJ roster soon after. Three years later, the Women’s March aligns with MAL weekend for the perfect opportunity to have a DC moment and raise some hell while breaking up all that toxic masculinity gay party weekends far too often produce. The event and march gets going at 11AM, and then the Rally is at 1PM at Freedom Plaza.

TNX ft. the T4T LUV NRG Tour: Octo Octa b2b Eris Drew @ Location TBA
TNX is mixing things up this year with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of hosting Eris Drew & Octo Octa on their inaugural T4T LUV NRG B2B Tour! If you’re new to a TNX event, we keep the location TBA until the day of the event in order to protect DC’s currently vulnerable DIY spaces. Follow the instructions on the event page and respect one another and the space. Tickets are moving fast on this one too and can be purchased on RA.

G ∆ Y / B ∆ S H : G O T H N I G H T at TRADE
Alt to no one, DC’s premier drag night G ∆ Y / B ∆ S H is giving you an extra dose of G O T H in honor of MALLORY this Saturday at TRADE. Jane Saw, Jaxknife Complex, Ana Latour, Donna Slash, & Santx Domingx are serving you not 1, but 2 shows at 11:30pm & 1:00am. And DJ Barber Streisand will be playing tunes between the mic-werk.


The Cluck Off w/ Carlos Souffront (SF), Juana, & Jacq Jill at Jimmy Valentine’s
A definite highlight of MALLORY2018 was the addition of a Hennie’s Only, MALLORY’s Closer at Jimmy Valentine’s that focused on word-of-mouth invites over social media dependency. Last year Jacq Jill put down a nasty set that turned lots of heads, and they’ll be back on an even bigger lineup featuring Carlos Souffront (SF)’s DC debut AND Juana (Discwoman/Sequence, DC).

Leather Casual Recover Tea w/ Collin Bass & StrikeStone! at TRADE
With the closing of Town Danceboutique, Otter Den is moving its annual Sunday Tea to TRADE for a comfort-focused recovery moment, with Collin Bass (SF/PGH) and resident Strikestone in the pulpit.

Church at TRADE
After Tea, Church residents wessthedj and Jesse Jackson welcome in Dean Sullivan, Pussy Noir, & Jaxknife Complex to their every-holiday weekend Sunday services at TRADE starting at 9PM.


MAL Closing Night Party: A Tribute to Frankie Knuckles at 9:30 Club
While the point of MALLORY is to highlight the unofficial offerings from DC’s queer underground this weekend, I HAVE to give major props to the the Centaurs MC (MAL’s Founders) & The Saint-At-Large for coming together to push their programming forward this year for this official closing night party. None of this dance shit is possible without Frankie, so this tribute event featuring DJs Tedd Patterson and Manny Ward and a special performance by Ultra Naté is a breath of fresh air. 10% of proceeds will support the Frankie Knuckles Foundation too!

MALLORY is always looking, never hosting, so this weekend couldn’t be possible without all of the venues, and especially TRADE. All year long, they provide space and support growth for so many of DC’s queer functions like GAY/BASH, Church, Otter Den, Sissy That Tuesday, Güashington, FAM NIGHT, and its resident DJs. THANK YOU!

And thank you to all the promoters, DJs, performers, crews, dancers, artists and party people for continuing to elevate nightlife here in DC. Our collective work and collaborative nature makes things like MALLORY possible. Cluck the fuck off this weekend, you’ve earned it!

And special thanks to Linas Garsys for the awesome art.

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC January 10 to January 13

Ok here we go with my first proper post of 2019, not counting last week’s phoned in edition. Another solid weekend of dance floor vibes here in the District, with quality events to keep you grooving, from Thursday night right through to the early hours of Monday morning.

Highlights this weekend include Playlist with Jubilee & Ramirez at Eighteenth  Street  Lounge on Thursday night, then on Friday night, I’d recommend checking out Lovers and Justin Miller at Wild Days at the Eaton Hotel, and while you’re there, heading downstairs to catch Joe L at Allegory. They’ve got a nice looking line up taking shape in the coming months between Wild Days and Allegory, with plenty of local DJs representing, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it. Also looking good on Friday is DJ Technics with Djoser at Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club. Always a good vibes at Jimmy’s!

Saturday night, all you house heads should look no further that U Street Music Hall, where the Deep Sugar crew take over once again, with Ultra Naté and Lisa Moody working their magic with support from Keenan Orr. Always good vibes with the Deep Sugar crew!

Deep Sugar DC

For those of you of a techno persuasion, SEQUENCE.446 hosts I Hate Models with Katie Rex and local support from Jett Chandon and Juana working the Grand Ancestor Sound System at a DC warehouse location. Always a great crowd at Sequence events, and their zero tolerance policy to any bullshit guarantees a hassle free night on the dance floor. Entry is by advanced ticket only, so make sure you grab yours before they sell out.

Sequence I Hate Models Katie Rex

As you’ve no doubt predicted already, Sunday’s highlight is Eighteenth Street Lounge, with Sam Burns weekly residency in the Gold Room, The Metaphysical in the Main Room, and Hold Tight with Martín Miguel and Super Tuff records head honcho M. Vaughan on the patio. Quality deep vibes across three dance floors to ease you into next week!

Before I get to my full list of Top Picks for the weekend, here is episode #74 of the DC House Grooves Meet the Locals Podcast from Nocturnal Wax, featuring 2+ hours of quality house grooves. Check it out, and catch Nocturnal Wax spinning on Studio 96 every Friday night at 8PM Eastern on WERA 96.7FM in the DC area. We’re always looking for new mixes for the podcast, so please reach out to me through the DC  House  Grooves  Facebook Page if you’re interested in submitting a mix.

OK, here’s my full list of Top Picks for this weekend, Thursday through Sunday. Click / tap the link at the top of each section to see the full list of even pages over on Facebook, or check the flyers and Google the details. See you on the dance floor!

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday January 10

Playlist with Jubilee and Ramirez
ESL Thurdsay with Playlist
Skream Open to Close at Flash
Preview Happy Hour

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday January 11

DJ Technics Djoser Jimmy Valentine's
Lovers Justin Miller Wild Days
Joe L at Allegory
WTF?! with Kochi

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday January 12

Deep Sugar DC
Sequence I Hate Models Katie Rex
Nightflight at El Techo
ESL Saturday Victor Simonelli
Cold Sweat Baltimore
Eklektik Elektrik

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday January 13

Hold Tight with Martín Miguel and M. Vaughan
ESL Sunday