Release The Pressure

The 930 Club. We all know it, it has well earned its status as the prestigious underground venue in DC. I’ve gone there to see performances as diverse as Mastadon, Meat Puppets touring with Camper Van Beethoven, and Shpongle (who was very trippy but I was there to see his opener, Phutureprimitive.)

The Backbar in the basement has hosted quite a few local DJ parties over the years, but I’d never seen anybody I know on the main floor.

So when the Sticky Fingers crew announced Release The Pressure at the 930 Club, I had to be there. And I asked Mr. Sticky Fingers if I could review this show — you may have noticed that I’ve never reviewed any of his parties, even though I go to most of them. That’s because he specifically asked me not to. So here we go, at last.


Ozker opened with a solid set, establishing that daytime-discotheque vibe that Sticky Fingers parties are known for. Samantha Francesca, who needs no introduction to underground fans, followed that up with a Shazam-stumping mix that included a sample from “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” that put a smile on my face.

Hot Coffee continued the smooth groove, mixing in touches of rawness and soulful disco. Martín Miguel took the anchor slot and drove home that this was, indeed, a classic Sticky Fingers house-and-disco party that may as well have been on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons.

There were a lot of familiar faces from those Sunday afternoons on hand, mixed with some new ones — the only drawback to this party was that it looked a bit small in a large venue like the 930 Club. Still, I’m hoping that there will be more local DJ showcases at 930. As much as I respect the place, their events listing does not cross my path very often anymore, and I’d be glad to see that change.


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