Remembering Ramirez with Special Edition of the DC House Grooves Show

Just a few short weeks ago, we lost our dear friend, DC House Grooves crew member Ramirez. We’ll be remembering our friend tomorrow in a very special edition of the DC House Grooves Show on Underground Quality Radio. Andy Grant, Kochi & Katrina Mir will be celebrating his memory through music, playing only records from his incredible collection, with live vocals from the one and only Candice Mills Music. Join us from 8pm ET on the Underground Quality Live YouTube channel.

1 thought on “Remembering Ramirez with Special Edition of the DC House Grooves Show

  1. don’t really know what to say we are incredibly sad, but love you all. Sam was our favorite DJ and friend for 30yrs, went to see him at ESL often. Ramirez was a fantastic DJ and so young, hard to accept.

    Music, and especially House Music – enhancing the heartbeat of life – makes the world better, it lifts people up. All over the world. Like reggae, you hear this music, it gets into your spirit, you must move, you must dance. it lifts you from the inside out.

    You DJ’s give your all, doing you and we appreciate what you do for us and also those we don’t see.

    Thank you, we love you back!

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