If you’ve read my TATS reviews, you know I’ve been to most of the Sequence parties and I’m a hopeless techno-head. So this installation of the Sequence series, after skipping the entire month of May, was not to be missed for several reasons.


One of which being that Daasnomem was opening. I reviewed his opening set at Flash a while back and enjoyed the luxury of deep, dark techno: this was just as smooth, running on a rolling beat punctuated by bits of Russian monologue and mechanical wheezes.

This was a warmup for Juana and Ron Jackson to go back to back. They started where Dassnomem left off, soon raised the energy level, and then progressed to merciless. This was a seamless transition, of course, so there was no escaping the techno machine.

We knew the headliners were coming because the speakers went silent. A moment of blank slate. And then instantly: low frequency to hit you in the bones plus a ghostly melody floating overhead. SHXCXCHCXSH had arrived.

For a moment, I questioned the wisdom of giving them the Grand Ancestor speaker system to play with. But that’s not my place.

Amazing set, regardless. A fascinating juxtaposition of the ephemeral and the visceral — but if you’ve read anything about SHXCXCHCXSH you’ve already heard this. It’s all true. Later on, Tsurugi took over and brutalized the audience with an even harder-driving set to make sure everybody was fully exhausted.

It was a night I won’t forget, for many reasons. For your sampling pleasure, a few tracks that I caught.

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