Sorry no DC House Grooves Top Picks This Week

Just a quick post to let you know I won’t have time to compile a Top Picks post this weekend. Getting ready to head to Europe for the weekend to catch Derek Carr live in London at the Secret Ingredients x For Those That Knoe party in London this Friday, so won’t have time to pull everything together. Taking a quick look at what’s what this weekend, I recommend Playlist with Jubilee & Ramirez at Eighteenth Street Lounge on Thursday, A Family Affair with CoolHandLuke, Hugo  Zapata & Benoit at Jimmy Valentine’s on Friday, Late Night Mischief with Session Victim, Martín  MiguelTeam  Zapata  Hot Coffee at warehouse location TBD on Saturday, then round out the weekend at Eighteenth Street Lounge with Sam Burns in the Gold Room and Sundays Rooftop with Marc Cotterell and Benoit out on the patio. Oh, and I heard that Auntie Flo will be spinning a few tunes at Bump’n’Grind in Silver Spring on Friday evening from 7pm to 9pm ahead of his Flash debut on Friday night.

Late Night Mischief Session Victim

If you’re planning on heading to Late Night Mischief with Session Victimon Saturday, make sure you grab your tickets in advance, as there be no tickets available on the door.Have a great weekend on the dance floor, and provided I get back from London in one piece, I should be back with a regular DC House Grooves Top Picks post next week.

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