Tiger Bomb

Wednesday nights. The final frontier. DC’s scene is already home to a four-day weekend every weekend and plenty of events each of those days. But what’s out there for music heads on a Wednesday night?

This installment of Tiger Bomb at Ten Tigers featured Symmetrical, Ben Jenkins, and Keenan Orr throwing down an eclectic mix of tracks.

I met Symmetrical a surprisingly long time ago but it’s only in the last couple years that he’s been climbing the DJ ladder here in DC. Now, my tastes don’t always line up with Symmetrical’s but when they do, he hits it really well. And if there’s one thing you cannot doubt about him, it’s his passion.

Well, he was mixing the hell out of everything tonight. I hope I’ve got correct IDs on his track in the sample playlist! Symmetrical kept it funky, infectious, and high energy.

Ben Jenkins, I know from the techno scene where he’s always been very flexible in style — ranging from harder beats all the way to ambient. His turn at the decks smoothed out the beat and then led us into techno territory.

I didn’t catch enough of Keenan’s set to comment on it. A full review will have to wait for some other show.

Overall, Tiger Bomb was energetic to get you over your hump day and start thinking about the coming weekend. Keep an eye on the weekly lineup for what fits your style best.

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