DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Techno Events in Washington DC May 2 to May 5

Huge thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to kick off my birthday celebrations with me and Katrina Mir at Jimmy Valentine’s. I really appreciate you all making the effort! I, for one, had an amazing time playing records and shuffling around the dance floor 🙂 We’ll be celebrating my birthday in earnest this Thursday night May 2, when I’ll be joining Jubilee and Ramirez behind the decks at Playlist at Eighteenth Street Lounge. Packing some amazing tunes, it’s going to be a beautiful evening, so let’s have some fun on the patio! Hoping to see some DC House Grooves readers on the dance floor.

RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/452626388844912/

playlist with jubilee ramirez and andy grant

Just a quick post this week, as I need to get all my music organized for tomorrow. Lots of great stuff happening this week at all the usual spots, Eddie C at Eighteenth Street Lounge on Saturday being the highlight, plus a whole load of cool happenings around Catharsis on the Mall. If you’re up for something different, head over to the National Mall and check it out. I’m not particularly in the know about Catharsis, but between Hearts Collective at the Asgard Dome and Sunset and Chill at Catharsis on the Mall amongst other things, looks like there’s plenty to keep you grooving.

ESL Saturday

Before I get to this week’s listings, here’s a great little slice of after hours acid, techno, house & breaks from our very own Katrina Mir. Something to listen to as you plan your weekend dance floor strategy.


Here’s this week’s listings, featuring all the best underground house and electronic music events on my radar in and around Washington DC, Thursday through Sunday. Facebook users can click the link at the top of each section to view the list of event pages for each day. Hope to see you at Eighteenth Street Lounge Thursday night, and make sure you check back next week for info on all the best underground house and electronic music events in DC over the weekend.

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday May 2

playlist with jubilee ramirez and andy grant
ESL Thursday
sleaze i thee wed

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday May 3

priku taiga throe
jando and coolhandluke
decibel collective backbar
breaking boundaries
hearts collective catharsis
sunset and chill catharsis
flipside dave russell

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday May 4

ESL Saturday
saturday at el techo
blend backbar takeover
deep impulse i'm not into labels

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday May 5

hold tight martin miguel
ESL Sunday
cinco de mayo at el techo
cinco de mayo on the river