DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Techno Events in Washington DC Thursday August 8 to Sunday August 11

OK, so remember a few weeks back I posted about the 5 year anniversary of DC House Grooves Top Picks? Well, we’re finally getting around to celebrating! Join me, Andy Grant, Ramirez, Katrina Mir and Kochi this Friday at El Techo for the DC House Grooves 5 Year Anniversary celebration, the perfect way to get your Friday night off to a great start. If you’re familiar with El Techo, then you know the drill. Quality eats with serious beats are the order of the day, all washed down with some amazing summer cocktails. Even better, they now accept Rooam for your tab, so you can get crazy and worry about the bill later ūüėČ As always, the DC House Grooves crew will serving up the finest underground house music fresh from the wax, so you can get warmed up for a night on the dance floor. I hope you can join us!

RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/389316871941658/

DC House Grooves 5 year anniversay

After we wrap at El Techo, we’ll be heading over the street to celebrate Kaufmann‘s birthday with Taiga and Mike Harvey, part of a stellar Friday night line up at Flash, which includes George Fitzgerald and Jandro on the club level and DJ Soul and Tony G in the bar.

george fitzgerald at flash

For a taste of what to expect at our celebration on Friday, check out Episode #053 of the DC House Grooves Show on Underground Quality Radio with me, Ramirez and Katrina Mir. Mark your calendars and make sure you tune in to Episode #054 on Saturday August 17 at 10pm ET, when our special guest will be DJ Aakmael. Can’t wait to host Aakmael in the DC House Grooves studio. It’s going to be one serious session!

Before I get into this week’s listings, a quick mention of a forthcoming event from Grand Ancestor, Roam, Sequence, Sticky Fingers Collective, Sleaze, Team Zapata and TNX billed as DC24. On September 20th and 21st, the above mentioned crews are getting together for an epic 24 hour event featuring a killer line up of local talent, a warehouse party overnight with a day party on the Saturday, kicking off at 10pm, and keeping the grooves going until 10pm the next day. Great to see all the crews getting together for such an epic event! Advanced tickets are available now, and you can see the full line up below. Hopefully it will be an huge success and DC House Grooves will be invited to join in the fun for the next DC24 ūüėČ
Advance tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1301604
RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/682040952264755


Ok, here are my Top Picks of the best underground house and techno events in Washington DC this weekend, Thursday through Sunday. I’ve included galleries showing Flash and Eighteenth Street Lounge‘s line ups for the weekend, then event listings Thursday through Sunday. Plenty of great events to choose from this weekend, so I don’t think you’ll have a hard time getting your groove on. Whatever you do, I recommend wrapping up your weekend at Eighteenth Street Lounge for Sam Burns weekly residency and Sundays Rooftop with Detroit house legend Alton Miller. Hope you see you at El Techo on Friday!

sundays rooftop alton miller

Flash Lineup August 9 to August 12

Eighteenth Street Lounge Lineup August 9 to August 12

Thursday August 8

playlist jubilee ramirez
ESL Thursday
fam night reuinion at trade
vanguardia thursdays
carlo lio with Mina at flash
Monolink at U Street Music Hall

Friday August 9

DC House Grooves 5 year anniversay
george fitzgerald at flash
otter happy hour
wade hammes at eaton
ESL Friday
TNX Pre camp Ki
House of boom with john barera

Saturday August 10

andrey pushkarev at flash
meso creso with meegs
sunset and chill at el techo
Saeed Younan the lab
District drop inn at the garden
Sundown at flash
ESL Saturday

Sunday August 11

sunday love with Sunday Love- Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - Madota
house on the waterfront weekender
sundays rooftop alton miller
ESL Sunday

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC October 18 to October 21

Here we go again with another DC House Grooves Top Picks. I guess it’s no secret that I haven’t really been into these weekly¬†DC House Grooves¬†posts lately. Been kinda phoning it in for a while, missing weeks here and there, and generally not enjoying it the way I used to. I’ve been seriously considering giving it up, but somehow can’t seem to stop. All this tells me that it’s time to switch things up a bit. Up to now, I’ve tried to be as complete as possible with non-EDM electronic music events in DC and Baltimore, including everything from house to disco to¬† techno to drum and bass to whatever in my¬†Top Picks, but with so many events happening these days, it just takes too much time to compile everything, so from this point on, I’m going to be much more selective about what I include on¬†DC House Grooves. Quality underground house music events are in, as are disco / soul / funk / boogie / reggae events that look like they’ll have a good groove going on. I’ll continue to cover techno events, and events that explore the techier and more soulful side of house music. With regard to tech house, it all depends on the event. If its something interesting, looks cool, or showcases primarily local DJs and artists, I’ll include it. If its dull, repetitive, unimaginative tech house, not so much. If an event does not support locals DJs, I’ll no longer be including it here. DC House Grooves¬†has always been about supporting and promoting local DJs; if there are no locals on the line up, no dice. I’m sure your out of town DJs are amazing, but I can guarantee there’s another competing event giving a platform to our local talent.¬†Sadly, I’ll no longer be including drum and bass events and bass music events in general. No disrespect to the drum and bass massive, I love what you guys do, I just don’t have the time to cover it all, nor do I have the knowledge to distinguish the quality events from the crappy ones. EDM will continue to be ignored, as will all those EDM-lite “house” or “techno” events. If the event page proudly touts the number of SoundCloud follows or Facebook / Instagram likes your headliner has, your flyer is full of DJ logos, the music has weird chipmunky vocals, or your party vibe is all about that drop, it probably doesn’t belong here on¬†DC House Grooves. No disrespect to that scene, it’s just not what we’re about. Having said all that, if I think any events falling into the categories above is cool, I reserve the right to include it. Hey, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. And if you’re throwing an event that’s super cool and you think it should be promoted here on¬†DC House Grooves, send me a message through the¬†DC House Grooves Facebook Page and make your case. In general, expect to see fewer¬†Top Picks each week, but those you do see will pretty much all be “must attend” events. Will save us all a lot of time.¬†Please don’t get upset with me if I won’t be covering your thing anymore. If you’re passionate enough about it, start your own blog and give it the coverage you feel it deserves.

OK, now I’ve got that off my chest, let’s get on with breaking all the rules I’ve just defined ūüôā Here are this week’s¬†DC House Grooves Top Picks, featuring all the best underground events in Washington DC, Thursday through Sunday. Just click the link for each day to see the (much shorter than before) list:

Top Picks Thursday October 18

Top Picks Friday October 19

Top Picks Saturday October 20

Top Picks Sunday October 21

Our highlight for the weekend is¬†DJ Meegs and¬†Raha Wala‘s¬†Souled Out!¬†party at¬†Zeba Bar this Saturday, featuring special guest,¬†DC House Grooves Show¬†&¬†Beats Maneuver resident¬†Ramirez¬†(Roots & Spirits) with¬†Regan Carver on sax and¬†Reemz on keys, with support from residents¬†Meegs &¬†Raha Wala. If you’ve not been to a¬†Souled Out!¬†event before, this is a great time to start. Pairing quality¬†soul, funk, jazz, and disco-influenced dance music with live instrumentation, vibes are guaranteed, and with our main man¬†Ramirez at the controls, you’re in for an amazing journey from start to finish. The¬†DC House Grooves¬†crew will be out in support, and you should be there too. No cover, no excuses!

RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2067828456642855/

Souled out ramirez

Friday night, we’ll be warming up for¬†Ramirez‘ appearance at¬†Souled Out!¬†with a special Friday edition of the¬†DC House Grooves Show on¬†Berlin’s¬†Underground Quality Radio, with live video stream on the¬†Underground Quality Live YouTube channel. Tune in from 10pm ET on Friday for quality underground house music from me,¬†Katrina Mir and¬†Ramirez. Whether you’re going out or staying in, we’ve got the right vibe.

Tune In Audio: http://bit.ly/UQRadio
Tune in Video: http://bit.ly/UQ-Live
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/107502256855397/


Other highlights for the weekend include¬†Playlist¬†with¬†Jubilee & Friends at¬†Eighteenth Street Lounge¬†on Thursday,¬†Love & Happiness with¬†Mark Farina &¬†Ken Lazee at¬† U Street Music Hall and The Bunker 15 Year Anniversary¬†with¬†Bryan Kasenic and¬†Eric Cloutier¬†at¬†Flash¬†on Friday,¬†Sunset and¬†Chill¬†at¬†Olde City Farm,¬†Osunlade at¬†Flash and¬†Autumn Tactics with¬†Dj Double 07,¬†Anish,¬†Arthur J¬†and V-Coch at¬†Jimmy Valentine’s on Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, I recommend¬†Baronhawk¬†& Jahsonic¬† at¬†El Techo, then head to¬†Eighteenth Street Lounge¬†for¬†Sam Burns and¬†Good Buddies¬†with¬†DJ Nav,¬†Joe L¬†¬†&¬†Philco. All quality events to keep you grooving through the weekend. See you on the dance floor!


DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC August 16 to August 19

Major thanks to everyone who came out to¬†Beats Maneuver with¬†Rissa Garcia on Sunday night. After great sets from¬†Kochi &¬†Katrina Mir, and I guess a half decent effort from me,¬†Rissa really delivered the goods, with a¬†killer set of pure house music that had me throwing some major shapes on the dance floor. It won’t be the last time we see¬†Rissa here in DC, you can be sure of that!¬†DJ Nav and¬†Jandro¬†closed out the night back to back, providing the perfect sound track to a late surge on the dance floor. I can’t wait for the next one, which happens to be just around the corner! Mark August 26 in your calendar, when we’ve got¬†Lyssa flying in from Canada to rock the¬†Beats Maneuver dance floor. Full details coming soon!

Before I get into this week’s events, I’m pleased to announce¬†DC House Grooves is taking part in this year’s¬†Capital House Music Festival in Meridian Hill Park¬†on¬†Labor Day, September 3.¬†This is a free, family friendly festival to raise awareness and funds for Inner City Youth Music Programs, and features a diverse line up including¬†The E Cussionist,¬†Deacon Izzy & the Congregation,¬†DJ Jay Jay,¬†Chosen, Benoit,¬†Tee Alford,¬†DJ Tantra, yours truly¬†Andy Grant and of course the man, the legend,¬†Sam The Man Burns. All permits are in place, and we’ll be lost in the music from 12pm to 9pm. We couldn’t be more excited to be involved in this house music celebration, and we hope you can join us in the park on Labor Day! Full info on the¬†Capital House Music Festival Facebook Page and¬†Capital House Music Festival Website.

RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/249356162367878/
Website: https://www.capitalhousemusicfestival.org/
GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/capital-house-music-festival

Capital house music fest 2018

So what’s going on this weekend? Well, Friday night, the¬†DC House Grooves¬†crew, myself,¬†Ramirez &¬†Katrina Mir,¬†¬†is taking control of the Green Room at¬†Flash for an evening of quality underground house music, open to close. If you’ve tuned in to the¬†DC House Grooves Show¬†on Underground Quality Radio, you know what to expect. It’s going to be another incredible night of music at¬†Flash,¬†¬†with¬†Art Department,¬†Nitin and¬† Sarah Myers on the club level, and local favorites¬†Philco¬†&¬†Alex Eljaiek in the Flash Bar. Quality music all night long on all three floors. Advanced tickets are recommended, but we might just have a few list spots available. Hit me up through the¬†DC House Grooves Facebook Page¬†and I’ll see what I can do ūüôā

Advance tickets: https://ticketf.ly/2KfvXPV
RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/225745414751520/

art department nitin flash

Saturday night, we’ll be at it again on the¬†DC House Grooves Show on¬†Underground Quality Radio. For episode #31, we’ll be broadcasting live from¬†DJ Kochi‘s pool side studio not to far from Washington DC, with a show featuring residents¬†Katrina Mir,¬†Ramirez and myself, with added grooves from special guest¬†DJ Kochi. Tune in from 10pm at the links below.

Tune In Audio: http://bit.ly/UQRadio
Tune in Video: Underground Quality Radio
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/415779505612104/


OK, here’s this week’s¬†DC House Grooves Top Picks¬†links, featuring all the best underground house and electronic music events in and around DC this weekend. Sadly, I just don’t have time to do them all justice with a decent write up, so I share them on the¬†DC House Grooves Facebook Page¬†and link to them from here. Just click the link to see the list of my¬†Top Picks¬†for each day, Thursday through Sunday.

Top Picks Thursday August 16

Top Picks Friday August 17

Top Picks Saturday August 18

Top Picks Sunday August 19

As for highlights this week, on Thursday, those with an interest in music production should head to¬†Flash early doors for¬†Headroom Listening Sessions, then drum and bass heads should stick around for¬†Cadence¬†with¬†Doc Scott¬†&¬†A-Sides. For the very best in deep, underground house music on Thursday,¬†¬†Playlist at¬†Eighteenth Street Lounge¬† is your best bet. This week, resident¬†Jubilee¬†is joined by¬†Flash‘s¬†Edo¬†for what’s sure to be an amazing night on the patio.

playlist jubilee edo

Friday night, get your night started off right at El Techo with Oliver Caine, join us for DC House Grooves in the Green Room at Flash until close, then head to the warehouse for afters for LENG & Inn(er)net present Roska & DJ Lag. Another great opportunity to get bathed in the warm analog bass of the Grand Ancestor sound system. Advance tickets recommended! 

leng dj lag roska

Saturday afternoon, there’s a great line up for the¬†Elevate Rooftop Pool Party¬†at The Embassy Row Hotel, with¬†Benoit,¬†Vince Christopher,¬†KayLaSoul and¬†Tony Smooth¬†bringing the vibes in the sunshine. We had a blast at the last¬†Elevate; a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon! The food and drinks are top notch, too! Saturday night, Flash hosts the legendary¬†Derrick Carter¬†and DJ Aakmael ably supported by locals¬† Navbox,¬†Hot Coffee and Jandro. For something more intimate, away from the U Street crowds, check out¬†Plastic Dreams with¬†Johnson Lee and¬†Stereophonik. Rare house joints served up fresh from the wax all night long, no cover! For afters, all roads lead to the warehouse again for¬†Late Night Mischief, Early Morning Love with¬†Onionz,¬†Chadwick and¬†Team Zapata. Shaping up to be another amazing night at the warehouse!

late night mischief

Sunday, tech house heads should make their way to  Public Bar and join the tribe for  Rooftop Sessions with Saeed Younan special guest Mark Fanciulli and opening set from Sabeel Chohan. Advance tickets just $10 from Eventbrite, $15 on the door.

rooftop sessions saeed younan mark fanciulli

For quality deep house this Sunday, head to¬†Eighteenth Street Lounge¬†for Sam Burns‘ weekly residency, and another edition of¬†Sunday’s Rooftop¬†with¬†Jovonn¬†and resident¬† Benoit. Always quality headliners at¬†Sunday’s Rooftop, no cover all night long.

sundays rooftop jovonn

That’s all I’ve got time for this week. I hope you can join us on the rooftop at¬†Flash this Friday for another¬†DC House Grooves¬†session. If not, I hope to see you out and about real soon. See you on the dance floor!

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC August 2 to August 5

Kicking off this week’s post announcing the lucky winner of the recent DC House Grooves /¬†Eargasmic Recordings free record give away. We had entries from all over the world, but the winner, selected completely at random, is from right here in Washington DC! Congratulations to Michael Anthony Thomas aka¬†DJ T3k! Check your PMs. We’ll get the record over to you as soon as possible. Look out for more free record give aways on¬†DC House Grooves!

A big shout out to the¬†Grand Ancestor crew for taking things right up to the wire last weekend with the build of the¬†Grand Ancestor 2.0¬†system! It sounded incredible, and I can’t wait to hear it again soon, and hopefully get a chance to play on it in the not too distant future! Other than the¬†Grand Ancestor 2.0 launch, we took it easy last weekend. No gigs, no kids, so the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time at home getting to know our records. Gotta jump at the chance to take it easy when the opportunity arises! Some busy weekends coming up.

This Sunday sees the welcome return of¬†ROAM on a BOAT, and this time around residents¬† DJ Lisa Frank and¬†Sami¬†are joined by special guest¬†Rez Ekbatan for another musical cruise down the¬†Potomac with the ROAM family.¬†ROAM‘s boat parties always sell out, so if you want to book your spot on the boat, I recommend you grab your advance tickets right now. However, if you’d rather roll the dice,¬†DC House Grooves¬†has a pair of FREE tickets to give away to one lucky winner. Just click through to the entry form, fill it out and click Submit. We’ll pick the lucky winner winner on Saturday evening. Please make sure you enter your correct email address and name, as we’ll need to email you to let you know you’ve won, and you’ll need your ID to claim your prize on the dock.

I want to win a pair of tickets to ROAM on a BOAT!!!

Advance tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1133356
RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/922687837938720/

Good luck!

roam on a boat

Friday night, the¬†DC House Grooves¬†crew descends on¬†Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club for Jandro‘s¬†Reflections¬†for what promises to be a crazy night at¬† Jimmy’s!¬† DC House Grooves Show residents¬†Andy Grant (yeah I’m talking about myself in the third person again),¬†Katrina Mir¬†&¬†Ramirez are joined by fellow¬†Beats Maneuver resident¬†Kochi and¬†Jandro for a night of quality underground jams, open to close. We’ll be taking turns all night going back to back to back to back until they kick us out! Please join us on Friday at¬†Jimmy’s for what promises to be quality family time to a soundtrack of the finest, deep, underground heaters you’ll hear in DC this weekend. Oh, and best of all, it’s completely FREE! No cover all night long. See you there!

RSVP & info: https://www.facebook.com/events/261138797800304/

reflections dc house grooves

Saturday afternoon, you can catch me and¬†Katrina¬†Mir¬†throwing down quality tunes by the pool side on the rooftop at¬†The Embassy Row Hotel alongside¬†DJ Meegs and¬†Tony Smooth at the rescheduled¬†Elevate¬†Rooftop Pool¬†party, which was rained off last time around. Hopefully the weather will hold up this time, and I can’t wait to play some poolside jams in between dips in the pool. Always a good time on the rooftop at¬†The Embassy Row Hotel! Advance tickets are just $20, which ain’t bad for an afternoon of quality music at one of the best rooftop pools in the city!

Advanced tickets to Elevate Rooftop Pool Party
RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/968800816629274/

elevate rooftop pool party

Saturday night, we’ll be throwing down with the crew again on episode #30 of the¬†DC House Grooves Show on¬†Underground Quality Radio. Join me,¬†Ramirez and¬†Katrina Mir from 10pm ET for quality underground house music served up fresh from the wax, live from¬†DC House Grooves¬†HQ in Washington DC.

Tune In Audio: http://bit.ly/UQRadio
Tune in Video: Underground Quality Radio
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1674880065968214/

DC House Grooves Show on UQ Radio

Right, here’s this week’s¬†DC House Grooves Top Picks links. Just click the link for each day to see the full list of events over on Facebook. Some great events happening this weekend, so make sure you take the time to explore!

Top Picks Thursday August 2

Top Picks Friday August 3

Top Picks Saturday August 4

Top Picks Sunday August 5

Highlights for this weekend include¬†Sleaze¬†Disco Heat at Wonderland¬†and¬†DJ W!ld with¬†Markinthedark¬†at¬†Flash¬†on Thursday, then on Friday, if you don’t feel like joining the¬†DC House Grooves¬†crew at¬†Jimmy’s, I recommend checking out¬†A Night at the U Street Disco with¬†Sam Burns,¬†Mart√≠n Miguel,¬†Keenan Orr,¬†Baronhawk &¬†Ozker at¬†U Street Music Hall.

a night a the u street disco

Saturday night, the residents take over at Flash for another Resident Nights, with an all local line up across all three floors.  For afters, head to the warehouse for V.Sions with Rhys Samson, Rama, Rasho and Enzo delivering the goods on the mighty Grand Ancestor 2.0 sound system.

vsions warehouse party

Sunday brings another edition of¬†The House that U Built at¬†El Techo¬†with the mighty¬†Sam Burns, Kochi and¬†Vanniety Kills. Always an amazing vibe at¬†THTUB! Then head to¬†Eighteenth Street Lounge to close out your weekend at¬†Sundays Rooftop with¬† Aesthetic Audio‘s¬†Keith Worthy¬†and¬†Benoit.¬†Keith¬†always delivers!

sundays rooftop

Ok that’s all I’ve got for this week. I really hope you can join us at¬†Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club on Friday for¬†Reflections DC House Grooves Take Over! You know its going to be a fun time! Oh, and did I mention Beats Maneuver is back next Sunday on August 12? That’s right! We’re bringing NYC’s finest¬†Rissa Garcia¬†to Washington DC to rock the rooftop at¬†Public Bar. Check back next week for full details. See you on the dance floor!