Ladies of the Underground @ Ten Tigers

A hot summer night. A great lineup of local DC ladies. The lovely, comfortable Ten Tigers. Say no more.

Ladies of the Underground with Jett Chandon, Katrina Mir, Meegs & Vanniety Kills at Ten Tigers Parlour

I’ve mostly gone to Ten Tigers for their Thursday night Regrets Only party, but the last few have been lightly attended. Which had me a bit concerned because I like the place and I often end up staying later than I intended to — the hallmark of a great location, IMO. This Friday night started out slow but picked up well around midnight and turned into a good dance floor as the music developed from easy grooves to bangers.

Vanniety Kills started the night out smooth and mellow. Katrina Mir followed that up and built slowly as the audience began to trickle in.

Seemed like everyone I talked to that night had had a bad week, myself included. We all needed to get some dancing in, and we were in the right place for that.

Meegs brought some soul into the mix, as she’d promised me before her set. That got the floor moving and the energy kept climbing. Jett Chandon hit the ground running and got a bit techno — though she did ease up now and then.

It made for an excellent night and I won’t be limiting myself to Thursdays at Ten Tigers anymore!

I know y’all don’t usually listen to the playlists, but this one is especially good:

DC House Grooves Exclusive Interview with Mr. V (Sole Channel Music)

Mr. V at Zeba BarBig news! Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) is coming to DC on February 7 to perform at Zeba Bar, with supporting sets from DJ Meegs and DJ Candikrush. In anticipation of his visit, we sent our intrepid reporters Meegs and Milk Chocolate City to catch up with the main himself and give us some insight into what makes him tick.  You can find full details about the event at Zeba over on the Facebook event page:

Advanced tickets for the event are available from Eventbrite.

So without further ado, we’ll hand things over to Meegs and Milk Chocolate City:

Meegs: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions before your upcoming show in DC next month. We’re beyond excited  & greatly anticipating your arrival!

In the beginning…since your musical debut, you hit the ground running, have stayed extremely active & shown no signs of slowing down (even with a new baby!) What does a typical day for a DJ/Producer/Label Owner/Remixer & Rapper look like?

Mr. V: Brush the teeth, check messages, feed my dog, check emails, reply to immediate ones while eating breakfast, shower and take on all task that need to be dealt with within the week all while doing homework and bathing a 5 year old.

Meegs: Could you tell us a little about yourself – your musical background, influences, growing up in NY?

Mr. V: I love hip-hop (real hip-hop), house, jazz, soul, funk, R&B / neo soul, disco, latin, reggae, I’m influenced by so many DJ’s & dancers and new york was and still is the melting pot for all things music and culture.

Meegs: What was the first record you bought with your own money? And I gotta ask, was it a 45, 33 or cassette tape?

Mr. V: It was a 12″ inch vinyl record and it was Biz Markie – “Make the Music” (with your mouth), he just emerged on the scene and Marley Marl’s productions were on fire.

Meegs: What led you to become an artist? Before meeting Louie Vega & working at his label, Masters At Work, did you know or suspect that you would make a career out of music?

Mr. V: I had no clue I was gonna make this a living, i always loved house music but i was satisfied enough to work with Kenny & Louie, it wasn’t til I met Miss Patty that my ambition and drive was lit cause she had the DJ equipment and support I needed, it was a combination of my determination and people supporting that got me to where I am today.

Meegs: Often we hear artists nostalgically talk about how the parties & music were “back in the day” compared to now. I  know L.V’s party “Underground Network” in NY, played an instrumental role in your coming up – is there a party happening presently that you think still offers that same “back in the day” vibe?

Mr. V: No not really, it’s different cause it’s not that underground anymore… everybody wants to be deep house and house now, you hear it on TV, on the radio, pop artist are doing it and the kids are singing it so that “back in the day” feeling hasn’t hit me yet, I’m taking it all in right now and only listening to those who got it & know it, I frequent many parties and keep my mind open to a lot of events and DJ’s playing.

Mr. VMeegs: Last year was the 10 year anniversary of your label SOLE Channel with partner Alix Alvaraz. Earlier this month you released your 1st SOLE Channel Music compilation & at the end of 2014 you dropped  ‘House Eats Pop,  a collection of pop radio hits remixed for the basement’. What else can fans look forward to in 2015?

Mr. V:  A lot of collaborations with me & many artist and producers, new productions from myself and reelsoul and a few from miss patty, it’s tough to really say cause I just go with the flow and try not to rush anything but we will be noticeable and visible this year for sure and heard a lot be social networks or on radio.

Meegs: The arsenal of talent you have worked with thus far is extensive, is there an artist you would like to collaborate with that you have not yet had the opportunity?

Mr. V: Dennis Ferrer, Disclosure, Black Coffee, Green Velvet, Kaytranada, DJ Spen, Loco Dice, tini, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Amine Edge, the list goes on and on…

Meegs: Christian Nielsen did a remix of ‘Jus Dance’ that made it onto the 2014 Ibiza Closing Mix Compilation. As a prolific remixer yourself, do you encourage other artists to follow suit & remix your music?

Mr. V: If I release the accapella then do as you please, I was told not to release anymore mixes of “jus dance” but 10 years is a milestone and a different time in house music so I had to go with the time, I chose who loved and wanted to hear there take. Special thanks to Seamless Records for the recognition.

Meegs: You seem to be a very “hands on” type of individual with your label, your music & even your fans on social media. You also seem very approachable which is both refreshing & impressive considering your schedule. Is there an army of mini v’s running about or do you not sleep?

Mr. V: LOL… I wish I had mini V’s, no this is all me and I don’t sleep I take naps, I’m just humbled I can do this and I try not to waste a sec doing bullshit, this game is just too big and it’s super easy to be forgotten in this industry, consistency pays off later as I have seen.

Meegs: Would you like to offer any advice for people getting into the music business?

Mr. V: It’s a business first before anything, know your rights and publishing as an artist, grow thick skin cause criticism never escaped anybody, master your craft, be original, work hard, if your unsure about something then take a day or 2 to analyze the situation and then stand on your final decision, always remember it took God 7 days to build the heaven and earth.

Meegs: If a Mr. V “Tribute album” were to be produced, featuring only 1 recording artist that has subsequently made a name for themselves AFTER you, who would be your top pick?

Mr. V: Not sure?, good question… that’s a hard one so I can’t answer that right now cause I’ll make a few people feel weird, LOL.

Meegs: Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule, look forward to meeting you!

Mr. V: Thanks again and see you guys on the dance floor.

Milk Chocolate City: Once again Victor we appreciate your humbleness and what you’ve contributed to the House Music Nation. To close out I have a couple questions myself and we can close out this interview on a great note with everyone looking forward to February 7th!

Milk Chocolate City: Was House Music your first love? And when did you genuinely fall in love with it?

Mr V: Hip-Hop was my first love back in 86, then I found house music later that year and just loved it, the culture, the lifestyle, the music.

Milk Chocolate City : With this EDM phenomenon that’s been going on where do you see house music evolving and what’s your take on deep house being the most popular on beatports recent statistics over the past 10 years?

Mr V : Everything big in dance music doesn’t last that long, it’s all fazes and it winds up going back to the root of it all… it evolves pretty quick if you have been following house like I have, it’s a great time for it but also weird cause it comes so easy for some unlike the people I saw who actually worked for theirs, now you can be famous off of 1 track, it will all come around though.

Don’t forget, you can catch Mr V at Zeba Bar on February 7. If you plan on attending, please head over to the Facebook event page and click Join:

We recommend picking up advanced tickets, as its going to be a packed house!

See you on the dance floor!

DC House Grooves Meet The Locals Podcast #6: DJ Meegs


Well we said some time ago that the next mix in the DC House Grooves Meet the Locals Podcast would be from one of the many talented female DJs in Washington DC, and we’ve been waiting patiently for one of the ladies to step up to the plate. We’re pleased to bring you this great mix from DJ Meegs, a familiar face on the DC underground scene. Over to Meegs to tell us a bit about herself and her mix:

“Growing up in a large, loud & musically inclined Irish-American family I guess you could say my interests have revolved around social gatherings fueled by music & dancing since birth. My parents enrolled me in Irish dancing when I was four & shortly thereafter we began hosting weekly Irish music lessons at our house for over a decade. My first instruments were the tin whistle & the bodhran (Irish drum) so I danced & played competitively while performing up & down the East Coast until college when, finally and gratefully, I was introduced to electronic music.

After graduation I moved to the West Coast (LA) where, alas, I heard the sweet, sweet sounds of Deep House music. I became a local fixture at Marques Wyatt’s ‘DEEP’ parties & since then my love affair with deep, soulful, melodic music with thumping bass lines has been one of the few constants in my life. Over the next 10 years I submerged myself in the scene as a dancer, promoter, percussionist, event producer & after Burning Man 2006, a DJ. After leaving LA I spent a year in New Zealand hosting a show on Radio Ponsonby before coming home to DC.

These last couple of years have brought about a lot of great change or evolution in the music industry from the type of technological gear that is available, to the fusion & birth of new genres. I try to embrace the technology which has done me well considering I was hard-pressed differentiating an RCA cable with an extension chord when I first considered becoming a DJ! And of course my “record bag” consists of more than just the deep, soulful, tribal house that initially had me smitten. However, tracks with a driving beat, walking bass-lines, melody and lyrics with emotional content that THUMP will always get heavy rotation, as you will hear in this mix.

As a recent convert to Traktor which offers a seemingly limitless amount of options for getting creative with the music, I used Traktor Pro 2 software, Kontrol Z1 w/a built-in soundcard for my mixer, Kontrol X1 for sound FX & loops, 2 standard decks & 2 remix decks. Most of the mix incorporates all 4 decks, It ain’t perfect, but it sure is fun!! Hope you enjoy!”


DJ Meegs Info:

Bio and Booking Info:
SoundCloud: @djmeegs
Artist Collective: Meso Creso: