DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC March 21 to March 24

Very little time this week, so I’ll need to make this quick. Before I get in to this week’s happenings, I want to give a quick mention to a worthy fundraiser that I hope you can contribute a few bucks towards. Andrew Prince aka DJ Amp, a major contributor to the electronic music community in Baltimore and DC, had around $20k’s worth of sound gear stolen from him last week from a venue in Baltimore. Andrew provided sound for our Beats Maneuver events at Public Bar last summer, and it was always a pleasure working with him. Andrew is gives so much to the community, supporting many different events and crews, and it really isn’t right that this happened to him. That equipment is his livelihood, and it really sucks that someone would do this. It is a testament to the local music community that a fundraiser set up to replace the equipment has raised nearly $10k in less than a week, but there is still a ways to go. if you can spare even a few bucks, please consider donating. Andrew is good people, and it’s not right that this should happen to him. A few bucks from everyone will help make things right.

Donate to the Fundraiser for Andrew Prince

Also, here is a list of the equipment that was stolen. If you hear of anyone trying to sell this gear, get in touch.

4 x JBL srx828p
4 x JBL srx835p
4 x JBL prx618xlf
2 x JBL prx615

OK, on to more positive things. Another great line up of events here in Washington DC this weekend, and as always, you find all the flyers below, Thursday through Sunday. The DC House Grooves crew will be at it again this weekend on Underground Quality Radio with another edition of the DC House Grooves Show. The show kicks off at 10pm ET on Saturday, tune in on the Underground Quality Live YouTube channel, or the Underground Quality website.

Tune In Audio: http://bit.ly/UQRadio
Tune in Video: http://bit.ly/UQ-Live


Other than that, a quiet weekend for me and Katrina Mir. No gigs lined up for the foreseeable future, but we’re keen to get out there, so please get in touch if you’d to add some DC House Grooves to your party. You know it makes sense!

See below for the full list for this weekend. Plenty of great events to choose from, and I’m sure there’s something for everyone. See you out and about!

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday March 21

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday March 22

Moonbeam Jones (Dubtribe Sound System) at Wild Days at Eaton Hotel

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday March 23

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday March 24

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC December 13 to December 16

Another action packed weekend on the dance floor ahead right here in Washington DC, and, as always, DC House Grooves has you covered. See below for my full list of Top Picks for the weekend, and all you Facebook users can click the link at the top of each section to see the list of events for each day over on Facebook. Before you get stuck in, though, here’s the recording of last week’s DC House Grooves Show on Underground Quality Radio featuring three hours of quality underground vibes from me, Ramirez Katrina Mir. Catch us every couple of weeks on a Saturday night over on the Underground Quality Live YouTube channel.


Here’s my list of Top Picks for this weekend, Thursday through Sunday. Whatever you choose, have an amazing time, and I’ll see you back here for more of the same next week. Stay dancing!

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday December 13

ESL Thursday

hernan cattaneo

jahsonic at el techo

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday December 14

sequence 223 Takaaki Itoh

TNX residents night Hips fundraiser


focus ryan elliot

good vibes only at flash

kaylasoul luke markinthedark

Eli Escobar at Wild Days

Yola at Allegory

In the Deep at backbar

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday December 15

uncle bennys benoit kaylasoul cousin luke

ardalan navbox


No Regular Play at Wild Days

the deep state studio ga ga

dastan danny house el techo

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday December 16

ESL Sunday

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC November 29 to December 2

No time to pull together a proper post this week, just time for a flyer dump. See below for promo images for all the best events in Washington DC this weekend, Thursday through Sunday, and for those of you on Facebook, you can click the link at the top of each section to see the list of Top Picks with event links.

My dancing shoes are still firmly on the shelf due to my recent injury, so I’ll be taking it easy weekend. Still hoping to make it up to Baltimore on Saturday to catch my brother from another mother DJ Jus-Ed (Underground Qualityplaying open to close at Darkroom in Baltimore for the Kowli and  Sticky Fingers crews. It’s gonna be hard to resist the temptation to dance with Jus-Ed at the controls, but I’ll do my best. If you haven’t yet caught Ed working his magic on the dance floor, I highly recommend this one. Real house music to move your soul. Get there at the start and don’t stop dancing till the lights come on. I promise you, this will be a dance floor journey to remember. Advance tickets are just $20, and its BYOB, so you can bring whatever refreshments you like. Limited space on the dance floor, so don’t sleep on this one!

Advance tickets and info: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1171153

jus-ed open to close

Been slacking off on the mixes recently, too. To make up for it, how about the recording of me, Ramirez Katrina Mir going B2B2B working the Grand Ancestor sound system opening up for Turtle Bugg at Late Night Maneuvers here in Washington DC on November 2? Two hours and 20 minutes of quality underground grooves served up fresh from the wax.


Here are this week’s DC House Grooves Top Picks. The flyers should have all the info you need, but Facebook users can click the title for each day to see the list of event pages. All quality events, listed in no particular order. For those of you not on Facebook, Google is your friend. I might just stick to this format moving forward. Let me know what you think. I’ll be back next week with more of the same, so if you’re looking for info on all the best underground house events in Washington DC, you know where to find it!

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday November 29

playlist esl thursday

Breaking boundaries

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday November 30

radio slave navbox

TNX presents The Need 2 Carry

mike harvey benbo ac rowland

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday December 1

jus-ed open to close

behrouz kaylasoul


red eye herr krank

dj fleg and trevski at jimmys

micfreak and meegs at el techo

esl saturday

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday December 2

tony smooth at el techo

disco volante at el techo

esl sunday


DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC September 6 to September 9

Feeling super lazy, so phoning in the post this week. I’ve included the links to my Top Picks for the weekend below, just click through to see my list for each day, Thursday through Sunday. You can catch me and Katrina Mir this Friday spinning open to close at DC’s favorite Ibiza-style rooftop restaurant / bar, El Techo. Join us for a bite to eat, a drink or three and a dance! You know it makes sense. I may even take requests, as long you don’t request something that sucks.

RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/963211127200505/

el techo

Top Picks Thursday September 6

Top Picks Friday September

Top Picks Saturday September 8

Top Picks Sunday September 9

Plenty of great stuff to choose from! Wherever you go this weekend, have an amazing time, and hopefully I’ll be feeling motivated next week to put some effort into a proper DC House Grooves post. See you on the dance floor!