Dubfire at Flash

DC House Grooves is all about local DJs, but if Dubfire is still from DC then he’s still technically a local. One who just happens to tour and headline at places like Movement 2016 where I last saw him spin.

Dubfire (Open to Close) at Flash with Felipe Valenzuela & Throe in the Green Room and Charles Martin & Jandro in the Flash Bar

In Flash’s downstairs bar, Jandro and Charles Martin served as openers since Dubfire’s “open-to-close” set was a good hour and a half late in starting. That wasn’t a first for all-night headliners at Flash.

90 minutes of excellent vinyl and digital grooving was no problem though. I’ve said it before and it still holds: the downstairs bar parties are where it’s at on Fridays and Saturdays. Everyone waiting for the upstairs to open seemed to agree with me.

I braved the main floor once Dubfire’s set began. Of course it was crowded. Of course the audience had other things on its mind than music. But for me… I got sucked into the beat within seconds and next thing I knew I’d been dancing for a solid half hour.

(I’m sorry to say that I spend more time hanging out and drinking than dancing, these days. I need to fix that.)

Downstairs, I could catch my breath and relax. Each trip back up pulled me in just as quick. When Dubfire’s set took a more abstract turn, the crowd was quick to bore and filter out to the rooftop, where Throe was surely keeping things rolling. That was fine.

It was such a good night that I wasn’t ready to leave at last call. Or when the upstairs closed again. Jandro and Charles kept going anyhow. Another great night at Flash for the locals!

Stimming [Live] & Jandro at Flash

Thursday nights start early at Flash with Preview on the rooftop — I always want to shout out to those because the happy hour specials are good and the food has been great. It was perfect weather for the rooftop, too.

On the main floor, Jandro opened with a two hour set that started out deep and comfy to ease us all into the night. The pace and the audience picked up smoothly until we were all moving on the dance floor, which is exactly what Jandro excels at doing. Such a seamless transition that you never quite remember when you started dancing.

Sample playlist:


Stimming took over for his live set at about 1am and the easy groove continued. A perfect Flash audience was out that night, not too crowded, good energy, and before I knew it closing time was upon us. Since it was a live set, Shazam had some trouble catching tracks but I was glad to get three of my favorites for the playlist: