DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Techno Events in Washington DC June 27 to June 30

Fun times at Late Night Mischief on Saturday! I haven’t dance that much since Rick Wilhite kicked my ass in Detroit a few weeks back. DJ Nav set the vibe just right with a quality early set, then Aakmael delivered the goods with a solid 4 hour set of proper house music, with our very own Katrina Mir taking things up a notch keeping us grooving until sunrise with a seriously banging set. Always a good time with at Late Night Mischief! Huge thanks to the Sticky Fingers Collective & Team Zapata for inviting Katrina Mir to play, and for being such amazing hosts. Can’t wait until the next one.

You can catch Katrina Mir alongside me, Andy Grant and Ramirez on Episode #51 of the DC House Grooves Show on Underground Quality Radio this Friday June 28 at 10pm ET. Tune in for another quality show featuring quality underground house music served up fresh from the wax. We’ll be putting the brand new Technics 1200 Mk7 turntables through their paces for the first time on Saturdays show. Can’t wait to take them for a spin!

Tune In Audio: http://bit.ly/UQRadio
Tune in Video: http://bit.ly/UQ-Live
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1397695390413518/


Another quality line up of events this weekend in and around the District. Playlist with Jubilee and Ramirez is the best way to kick off your weekend with quality house music on the patio at Eighteenth Street Lounge on Thursday, then on Friday, after listening to the DC House Grooves Show to get you in the mood, I recommend Sequence.820_Headless Horseman, where the Sequence crew will be rocking a new two room spot with an amazing line up including Headless Horseman live, Jacq Jill, Juana and Damon Bradley in the main room, and Theta Flux live, Ben Jenkins and Associate in the Isolated Paradise ambient room. Advance tickets are recommended, but tickets are available on the door with RSVP.

Advance tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1270621
RSVP: http://bit.ly/SQ820RSVP
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/874372652911878/

sequence headless horseman live jacq jill juana damon bradley

Plenty of great choices for Saturday night. If you’re in the U Street area, I recommend checking out Symmetrical‘s Fractal Love 3 party at El Techo, which runs from 12pm to 1.30am with an amazing line up of locals to keep you grooving all afternoon and into the night. Looks like a lot of fun!

RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/344223919629043/

fractal love 3 at el techo

Sunday brings another edition of Sunday Love at Flash with Acid Pauli and a long list of locals, then on Sunday night all roads lead to Eighteenth Street Lounge for Sam Burns‘ weekly residency, Smudge and Good Buddies with Feroun and Philco.

ESL Sunday with Sam Burns and Good Buddies with Feroun and Philco

See below for my full list of DC House Grooves Top Picks, Thursday through Sunday. Make sure you tune into the DC House Grooves Show Episode #051 on Saturday at 10pm, and check back here next week for a very special July 4 holiday edition of DC House Grooves Top Picks, celebrating 5 years of weekly posts featuring all the best underground house music and techno events in and around Washington DC.

Thursday June 27

playlist with jubilee and ramirez at esl
playlist with jubilee and ramirez
the deep state at studio ga ga
Contact with Pleasurekraft at Flash
Deep Tech Residents at Zeba Bar
preview happy hour with christauff and john mfd

Friday June 28

sequence headless horseman live jacq jill juana damon bradley
district inferno with samantha francesca marko peli john john
Visions with Tini, Alexandra and KaylaSoul
mazi and friends at el techo
dj bisket discuji at wild days
blush with keenan orr
Blush with Keenan Orr at Green Lantern
moco boogie with kenny m
WTF?! with Kochi
otter happy hour with tommy cornelis
ESL Fridays with DJ Lovegrove
we 2 techno u at studio ga ga

Saturday June 29

fractal love 3 at el techo
John Acquaviva with Simon at Flash
melvo baptiste and will eastman at backbar
nuff respect at the grand duchess
underground experience festival

Sunday June 30

good buddies with feroun and philco at esl
ESL Sunday with Sam Burns and Good Buddies with Feroun and Philco
Sunday Love with Acid Pauli
hearts collective at el techo
dc record fair at eaton dc

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Techno Events in Washington DC May 16 to May 19


As I sit down to write this week’s post, I’ve still got a huge grin on my face after last weekend. It was a dream come true to host my friend and mentor, Underground Quality label boss DJ Jus-ed in the DC House Grooves studio as our special guest on the DC House Grooves Show! Huge thanks to Jus-ed for fighting through the jet lag to guest on the show. Having rushed straight to the airport on hardly any sleep after playing Djoon in Paris on Friday, he stepped up to the decks on the DC House Grooves Show just a few hours after landing a Dulles, serving up a fantastic set featuring new and unreleased heat on Underground Quality and EDJ Records, including more than a few from the brand new Always Changing EP by Ed & Jen, available now from the Underground Quality website. If you missed the show, check it out below on YouTube or SoundCloud. Then on Sunday, after a good night’s rest, Jus-Ed schooled us at Sunday’s Rooftop on the patio at Eighteenth Street Lounge. An amazing end to a wonderful weekend!

The DC House Grooves Show is back with episode #49 on Saturday June 1 with our regular line up featuring me, Andy Grant, Ramirez and Katrina Mir. We’ll be freshly inspired from our trip to Detroit over Memorial Day weekend, and no doubt we’ll be armed with fresh new wax. We’ll also be giving away copies of Jus-ed‘s latest release on Underground Quality, the Jus Me EP. Click Going on the event page, and look out for further details closer to the time.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/245127783020817/


On to this weekend, and I’ll be holding down the Flash Bar this Saturday with my brother from another mother DJ Kochi, bringing the Vibe open to close. It’s been a minute since I’ve thrown down with Kochi, so I’m really looking forward to this one. As always, the line up at Flash on Saturday is ridiculous, with king of samples Matthew Herbert and Solomon Sanchez on the club level and Ozelot Ltd, Throe and Taiga in the Green Room. Of course, if you don’t want to go upstairs, you can hang with us in the bar for free!

Advance tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1229560
RSVP & Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2400953989915190/

matthew herbert at flash

So what else is happening this weekend? Well Thursday night, techno lovers are in for a treat at U Street Music Hall as Charlotte De Witte and local hero Juana team up to destroy the dance floor. House heads should head directly to Eighteenth Street Lounge for Playlist with Jubilee & Ramirez. Always the best spot for quality house vibes on Thursdays.

Friday night, the right choice for the heads is SEQUENCE with Wata Igarashi, Rhyw, Ron Jackson & Furtive. Hosted in a brand new location with Grand Ancestor sound, you know this one’s going to take you to a new dimension, and hopefully back again safe and sound by sunrise. $20 tickets are still available if you move fast. Not one you want to miss!

Advance tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1251377
RSVP for address: http://bit.ly/SQ654RSVP
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/393042551531623/

sequence wata igarashi

Saturday night, the much hyped Boiler Room rolls into town on their North American tour, and they’ve teamed up with ROAM to deliver an amazing line up featuring Discwoman‘s DJ Haram & Ariel Zetina alongside local rising stars Lisa Frank, Jacq Jill & Jett Chandon and hosted by Deep Sugar‘s Lisa Moody at a warehouse location powered by Grand Ancestor sound. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then I hope you’ve already secured a ticket, and this event is complete SOLD OUT. Your only chance of grabbing a ticket at this point is keeping an eye on the RA Resale queue. Of course, you can always watch the proceedings on the Interwebs, so all is not lost!

Boiler Room DC ticket resale queue: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1254230
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2227662544165960/

boiler room dc roam

Disco lovers, consider heading to Eighteenth Street Lounge on Saturday to catch my old college pal, Secret Squirrels & Disco Deviance maestro Dicky Trisco throwing down open to close on the patio. Dicky always gets things moving on the dance floor! And if Dicky Trisco isn’t enough for you, in the Gold Room you can catch Green Shirt Guy himself, Conscious Contact doing what he does best.

ESL Saturday Dicky Trisco

Sunday’s highlights include Sunday Love at Flash during the day time, then Sam BurnsUnderground Soul Solution and Good Buddies at Eighteenth Street Lounge in the evening. Everything you need to keep you dancing through to the early hours of Monday morning.

Here’s my full list of DC House Grooves Top Picks for the weekend, Thursday through Sunday. You know the drill by now; Facebook users can click the link at the top of each section to see a list of event pages. For the rest of you, Google is your friend if you need more info. Hope to see some of you in the Flash Bar on Saturday night!

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday May 16

playlist with jubilee and ramirez
ESL Thursday
Headroom may
charlotte de witte at u hall
deep tech residents at zeba
Deep Tech Residents Night at Zeba Bar
preview happy hour

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday May 17

sequence wata igarashi
sit navbox jus nowhere at flash
socoba happy hour fundraiser
sleaze hannah holland
nkc djoser at studio ga ga
adrian loving and friends at el techo
4 hours of funk dj diaspora
caspian raha wala

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday May 18

matthew herbert at flash
boiler room dc roam
ESL Saturday Dicky Trisco
reflections jandro trevski
egoless live
district inferno

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday May 19

sunday love
good buddies
ESL Sunday Good Buddies

DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Techno Events in Washington DC April 4 to April 7

Another amazing, action packed weekend on the dance floor right here in the District of Corruption, and DC House Grooves has the low down on all the good shit. The highlight for this week is Friday night’s jam at the Darkroom in Baltimore featuring two of my favorites all the way from Detroit, Tag aka Scott Grooves and Norm Talley, with support from Feroun and Benoit, brought to you by Kowli Records and Deep Secrets. This one is going to be really special, and to celebrate, DC House Grooves has the super special Uncle Benny discount for you. Use the link below to buy your tickets to get massive 20% discount off advance tickets. That’s one serious discount off the party to be at this weekend! It’s a BYOB joint, the needle drops at 11pm and you’ll be dancing until sunrise. Don’t sleep on this one, people!

20% discount off TAG aka Scott Grooves & Norm Talley at Darkroom, Baltimore

If you can’t make the trip to Baltimore this Friday, then head to Focus at Flash for another incredible Friday night line up featuring the very best of techno, house and bougie / funk / soul / electro. On the main floor, catch The Advent aka G Flame with support from local hero, Technofist‘s Damon Bradley. In the Green Room, former Beats Maneuver headliner Gigi Testa brings the very best of house and disco ably supported by DC House Grooves show resident Ramirez, while in the bar, Trev-ski is joined by Haz & Cam-Run for another edition of Modern Class. An epic line up that’s not to be missed! Advance tickets are just $12, so grab yours now!

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/256175348611069/

Before I get into the full list for this weekend, here’s the recording of Saturday night’s DC House Grooves Show #045 on Underground Quality Radiofeaturing me, Andy Grant, and Katrina Mir. Sadly Ramirez couldn’t join us for this one, and we ended up going deeper, dubbier and techier than usual. Seems to be the direction we end up going when Katrina and I go B2B. Check it out below either on SoundCloud or YouTube. We’ll back back with DC House Grooves Show Episode #046 on Saturday April 13 at 10pm. Mark it in your calendars and tune in for the very best in underground vibes served up fresh from the wax.

Other highlights for this weekend include Playlist with Jubilee & Ramirez at Eighteenth Street Lounge and Sleaze‘s second anniversary at Wonderland on Thursday, then on Saturday, the Sequence crew are at it again with a serious line up including Umfang, Akua & Juana (Discwoman) and Furtive. Sequence events are always on point, and they pretty much always sell out, so if you’re thinking of going, don’t waste time; grab your tickets now! They’re on the final release tier, and there won’t be any tickets on the door, so now is your chance. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It’s a BYOB joint, so make sure you bring what you need with you.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/317331898969207/
Tix: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1238176

Plenty of great choices on Sunday, with Sunday Love featuring Madmotormique, Daniel Cowel and Marko Peli and the new Love Bazaar on the main floor, and at Eighteenth Street Lounge, Sam Burns‘ weekly residency, Smudge and Hold Tight with Admin and Martín Miguel, but for the true house heads, the place to be this Sunday is Baltimore for the pop up party featuring the legendary Master at Work himself, Louie Vega along with Teddy Douglas and DJ Spen. Tickets are just $20.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2663586930325050/
Tix: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nervous-records-basement-boys-productions-present-louie-vega-tickets-59547487137

Ok, here’s my full list of Top Picks for the weekend, Thursday through Sunday. Facebook users can click the link at the top of each section to see the list of event pages over on Facebook. Have an amazing time this weekend, and make sure you come back next week for news on all the best underground house and techno events in and around Washington DC. See you on the dance floor!

DC House Grooves Top Picks Thursday April 4

DC House Grooves Top Picks Friday April 5

DC House Grooves Top Picks Saturday April 6

DC House Grooves Top Picks Sunday April 7


DC House Grooves Top Picks of the Best Underground House and Electronic Music Events in Washington DC August 9 to August 12

Another big weekend heading our way, and as always, your weekly guide DC House Grooves has news on all the best underground house, techno, drum and bass and other electronic music events in town, Thursday through Sunday. I’m super excited this weekend, as we’ve got NYC’s hardest working DJ Rissa Garcia (Dancing Room Only NYC Nightchild Records) heading down our way to make her Washington DC debut at Beats Maneuver at Public Bar on Sunday. Rissa has been blazing a trail in NYC since 2004, regularly working with the likes of Danny TenagliaDanny KrivitTodd TerryLouis Vega, the list goes on and on. While you can catch Rissa spinning on any given weekend in New York, she has never made the trip to Washington DC before, so we at Beats Maneuver figured it was about time we fixed that! This Sunday brings the next edition of  Beats Maneuver, featuring Rissa alongside local favorites DJ Nav and Jandro and residents Katrina Mir, Kochi and yours truly, and best of all, it is absolutely FREE. That’s right, no cover all night long. Join us on the rooftop at Public Bar from 6pm ET and dance to real house music into the early hours of Monday morning. Really looking forward to Rissa bringing some NYC flavor to the Public Bar rooftop!beats maneuver rissa garcia

For a little taste of what to expect at Beats Maneuver this Sunday, here’s a recent mix from Rissa in her Nightchild Excursions series:


Plenty more mixes from Rissa over on her SoundCloud page. Check it out!

If you can’t wait until Sunday to throw some shapes on the dance floor, here are this week’s DC House Grooves Top Picks. Just click the link for each day to see what’s good.

Top Picks Thursday August 9

Top Picks Friday August 10

Top Picks Saturday August 11

Top Picks Sunday August 12

Friday night, I recommend kicking things off at Sunset and Chill, then heading up to Ten Tigers Parlour for Anywho with Max D and Sami.

anywho max d sami

If you don’t feel like making the trip all the way up to Petworth, then stop by Flash for   Jennifer Cardini with Mazi R on the warm up. Looks like another fantastic night at Flash! For afters on Friday, head to the warehouse for Somewhere Else with DJ HonestyFerounTeam Zapata and Hot Coffee. The Zapatas will be wheeling out their incredible  Martin Audio sound system for the occasion, so you know the sound will be on point! Advance tickets are highly recommended. Grab yours now!

Somewhere Else DJ Honesty

Saturday night, Flash looks like a great bet, with NYC‘s David Waxman and Chadwick on support, while upstairs Edo Henry Chow take the controls in the Green Room, and  Kochi brings the Vibe with Chris Depth Rogers in the bar.

david waxman chadwick

Another great bet on Saturday is U Sleaze at U Street Music Hall with  Trax OnlyKeenan OrrLemz & performance and hosting by Jane Saw. Only $5 before midnight, $10 after.

u sleaze trax only

L.E.N.G. Resident’s Night at Jimmy’s is always a good bet if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, both literally and figuratively speaking, and Saturday’s edition features New York’s DJ Kala alongside residents Jett ChandonDjoser and Kouhai. No cover all night long! Then for afters on Saturday, the Sequence crew has you covered with their Year Two celebrations featuring an amazing line up of serious techno from RRoseAdam XJuanaDamon BradleyAssociateTheta Flux and Furtive. The vibe at Sequence is always on point, and with the Grand Ancestor 2.0 sound system in full effect, this one is going to be really special. Looking forward to catching up with my old Discogs forum buddy  Adam X. It’s been a while since I last saw Adam… I think the picture below was just before he moved to Berlin, when Andrew Weatherall was over spinning in NYC. Fun times!

Adam X and Andy

Advance tickets have been flying off the shelves for this one, but you can still pick up $25 3rd release tickets over on Resident Advisor. This one may well sell out, so I recommend you don’t wait!

rrose adam x sequence

Sunday, we’ll see you on the dance floor at Public Bar for Beats Maneuver with Rissa GarciaDJ NavJandroKatrina Mir, Kochi and myself. No tickets needed for this one… NO COVER all night long! See you on the dance floor.